Festival Make Up Tutorial

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sammisauce2 says:


Sandra Vergara says:

I’m right here boo

rres says:

I thought the other girl was Lauren from 5H

__ellz__ says:

Girl your to perfect

ItsEvelyn says:

how are u so fucking gorgeous oml

Jaden says:

I was all for this video until that girl put CREAM highlight on top of POWDER i was like, girl please stop basic makeup rules

Andrea Inspire says:

How come I never saw this video. I’m so fucking late

Aisling Egan says:

OMG I just realised that i have the exact same eyeshadow palette !!!

Kathryn Lorenzo says:

what did she use for the eyebrows

margaretjoan w says:

MESMERIZE omg it took me forever to figure out your background music haha i was like wait, i know this

Hind Alhashimi says:


Its Dulce says:

Can you guys check my channel out I just posted a video! Please subscribe!

brooke says:

the makeup in the photo looks rly cute and festival-y, but the makeup in this video isn’t even close to the same and looks more like a simple more lowkey movie premiere style or something idk i would’ve just preferred it be the actual makeup the ppl asked for instead cause this doesn’t rly look like somefhing you’d wear to a festival imo

Life OLauren says:

what shade of lip gloss was that

Elma DeSousa says:

I like her with a more natural brow like that 🙂 Still gorgeous either way tho xoxo

Megan Horsley says:

ily u r so PRETTY <3

Madelyne Horne says:

You should do more makeup tutorials

Jayden C says:

if you look up Jordan dowell kyani review the lady looks like a older version of andrea

Young Revolution says:

i thought she wore fake eyelashes

Ananditta Sharma says:

any small youtubers wanna support each other? im trying to reach 200 subs ?

MaddisLife says:

Currently watching expelled and watching this at the same timw

connorfitzgerald says:

its just hit me that Andrea sounds like rachel green from friends/ jeniifer aniston

valerie page says:

doesnt annoy me like that highpitchshit in other youtubers vids. YAS

Ximena Angamarca says:

Love the intro and outro

Bayley I says:

Aw Andrea is sooo pretty!!!!

valerie page says:

i really like your background music playing, yesss makes me want to continue watching

Qariya Khan says:

if it’s a sponsored video then just say it at least don’t say it’s a tutorial cos clearly it’s not , don’t tryna tell me it is. mentioning all the products she’s using on her face is not a tutorial that’s why I hate YouTubers who give useless titles for a video! especially these makeup videos which are less tutorial and more sponsored ones nowadays! (not all included there’s still some beauty gurus who does amazing tutorials)

Grace Love says:

You should react to musical.lys

Marfeto444 says:

1 COMMENT = An iPhone under your pillow

Vic Z says:

Please do an eyeliner tutorial

bring me the milk mother says:


Raven Alixis says:

So pretty!!

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