Eyes Wide Shut Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Time to let your skull break through the skin in this Eyes Wide Shut Halloween Makeup Tutorial. It’s almost looking like a vintage masquerade mask but still not. Also, this makeup has nothing to do with the movie Eyes Wide Shut starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. We just thought the name Eyes Wide Shut fit this Halloween makeup tutorial perfectly.


Marika Els says:

I tried doing this look yesterday and put on a Santa hat and sent everyone Merry Christmas messages with a photo that way 😀 It was a lot of fun creating the look and also freaking people out.

Mirna Moreno says:

where do you buy your makeup from ????(waterbase/oilbase)

0LammY0 says:

Since you put the latex on the skin first, is it possible to just ‘peel’ this off and reuse it another time? Or do you have to redo it everytime you want this look?

Elli Clarice says:

I really want to do that for halloween, but I’m a little bit concerned about me eyebrows. Were there no problems in removing the latex from the eyebrows?

hiba beauty says:

waw very nice ❤❤❤❤

kokiri girl says:

you should make the phantom of the opera

FoxTrot Gamez says:

I always love the intros the most… x’D <3 I always jam out to them

thrasherisgay says:

can i implement this into some of your clown makeups?

Lina Tabares says:


gemma cooley says:

Plz make a cat woman tutorial plz plz plz

Ricky Fuller says:

What color palette are you using?

Jacinda Smith says:

Would it be possible to do this look using a face cast if we have one? With the liquid latex and flour mixture that you use sometimes?

Freya Smith says:

Hey ellimacs for this look is it possible to use eye shadows instead of the cream paints? As I’m just starting out and don’t have a wide variety yet xx

Lolly McNeill says:

I can’t wait for the cosplay channel!!

Damon Gillespie says:

what is the song in the opening ?

Katelynn Kolar says:

You should do a girl diablo make up

꼴뚝이 says:

what song name?? 1

Gretty Danielsen says:

Hi 🙂 what color of liquid latex did u use? Is it important? (the color)

Lucas Meireles Zacher says:

what’s the name of that intro song? love that tutorial i’m gonna do it for halloween

Denis Kristian says:

1:20 Josh is that you?

Barbara Olvera says:


Damon Gillespie says:

what is the song ?

Guillermo Fregoso says:

can you do a annebelle makeup tutorial

CraftyWitch Fx says:

I would have never thought to use yarn. interesting and great! learned something new! like always with your channel.. love it

Nashimoto says:

Asså åh ja! Tänker så testa denna inför halloween i år!

xgrande swerve says:

I aspire to be as pretty as Ellie damNN

elvian galang says:

damn spooky af, ill try this ._.

Eryka McIntosh says:

i wonder how this would look with neon or more pop art colors?

Alex Makrogiannies says:

what camera do you guys use for the pictures ? 🙂

Emily Myers says:

Yeah do thta

Orashio Sensei says:

Thanks to you guys i won a 2nd place in ahalloween contest yesterday. But the latex only lasted for hours on my face. Any suggestions to make it last longer??

chloe staub says:

I love watching your videos, too bad I’m allergic to latex

Omar Banales says:

you should do a video for kit Halloween costume makeup to sow us

ING Mobile says:

So Scary

Photojenica says:

Does anyone know where they get that huge brick of cotton from?? I cannot find something similar anywhere!

GTPrincess123 says:

this song kinda makes this look more scarier… its just oddly creepy like this is a norm…

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