I am no beauty guru what so ever omg!!!!! I don’t even know what I’m doing!!!!! Also plz take a shot every time i say the word “blend” lmao. I also want to say, just because makeup is “‘trendy” and a lot of people freak out over it, please don’t think you need to wear it because everyone else is!!! Don’t conform to society if you don’t personally want to wear it! It’s honestly a personal preference and it’s not something every woman is required to do. If you don’t like/want to wear makeup embrace that shit!!!! And if you do like/want to wear makeup, also embrace that shit and don’t let anyone (mostly boys who don’t understand the concept of makeup/think its gross/think natural is the way to go) tell you that its stupid bc girl u look cute so??? Thanks for watching!! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also subscribe for new videos every saaaAAAAaaaTURday (: i love u all so much

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The Sun says:

I can’t do half of this because I’m too pale lol

GoodVibesByJulia says:

so many powder products I can’t imagine how dry my face would be

Heather Doman says:

ur so fuckin cute natural

Ghen Guillermo says:

You’re so pretty without make up I love your skin. I have really pale skin, I literally look like a radish lol. love you

Ariah Romero says:

Can someone please give me the names of all the songs in this video?

Emma LaFromboise says:

when i have most of the products shes using

lol gani says:

Sarah is the only white girl who can dance

Laura Klein says:

Omg I love how you have a giant framed Marina!!

Carlie Freeman says:

YOU are so pretty and very funny and what age did u get your nose pierced

Ariyana Michel says:

“Blendie blender” I laughed way too hard at tht shit

DesiredTheMusic says:

What’s the song at 3:10

Evelyn says:

AAAHH YES BITCH jammin’ to that anti

Angel Bree says:

if tana mongeau and the gabbie show had a baby, this would be it

Jordyn Ashley says:

I love you your goals♥️

Bread armpitt says:


Kelsey Gianna says:

ya’ll, what is the name of the song used in the intro?

Marie Jones says:

She looks like if Andrea russet and zendaya had a love child

Amanda Landry says:

SARAHHHH you NEED to listen to Down by Marion Hill and REMAKE/COVER the song!!! Its totally your style dude

La Vanesa says:

This is the first video i ever watched of sarah and i remember i laughed so hard i literally laughed myself to sleep i love her now i am terrifyingly obsessed with her

Krisitna Bina says:

Guy: why do girls take so long to get ready?
*watches video*
Guy: oh

Jenny Mccurdy says:

Do you prepare for your voiceovers they are funny af

Sejla Hj says:

i like her so fvcking much more without hair open

Alisha Mendenhall says:

North? What city she live in?

Maria Camila Angel says:

Did she say “access” at 3:21? Lmao.

Melissa Brown says:

You and I would get along so well lmao I’m a goofy ass bitch so you’d love me I think ahah

Anabella Anabella says:

I love how her make up is as messy and dirty as mine

Samantha says:

My girl out here with the knockoff blender. Same girl same.

Alison Blake says:

If you could make us a playlist that’d be great.

faith persinger says:


Bre Erickson says:

Oh shit i just realized this was made one year ago today hahaha.
I’ve been watching sarah videos allll fuckin day.

Emily Miller says:

How old r u and do u live on ur own

Mae Creations says:

You’re so pretty even without makeup!

Autumn Masters says:

I tryed to tell me one friend to blend shit into her neck so she wouldn’t look like a punkin, but she ignored me and just threw insults at me….like ok

Pixelvlog says:

fucken hell shes annoying xD

wildandfree xoxo says:

do u have spotify?

Em Fetterman says:

you should do your top 10 favorite songs to get ratchet to

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