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HI GUYS! I’ve had so many crazy photoshoots and events the past few weeks that I’ve had to get ready for in like.. 4 seconds flat. I wore this makeup to a party a few nights ago and the snapchat sisters were going crazy. Enjoy this super easy glam makeup tutorial + a little diamond twist. 😉 Thumbs up & subscribe!!

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Song: Clean Bandit – Rockabye Ft. Sean Paul & Anne – Marie (SHAKED Trap Remix)

Michael Rusakov


Natalie Atamian says:

James, where are you? I miss your videos 🙁

Shasta Holly says:

His contour goes up to his damn eyelids

Hey Africanaa says:

perf teeth

allison tibor says:

I am one out a hundreds of thousands of people to comment but you should visit florida soon and do like a small meetup because i want to meet you so bad!! i love you so much and everything you stand for and your makeup skills are insane and i wish i could be at that level:)

Dreece Cliff says:

‘I worked so long on these’ T-shirts and hats with a few words not even writen in cute font, Okaii girl.

Cami Rose says:

Anybody else find his voice soothing? I usually just skip the boring parts of videos but I watch his videos all the way through

Jazmin Reyes says:

Why does his voice sound like that? it’s doesn’t sound natural. Is he on hormones or something? I’m new to his channel and it’s something I’m curious about.

Hope Lopez says:

can u do a Makeup for Dummies on what brushes do what!!!!

Melissa Steed says:

if you had a boyfriend and he is needy what do you do?

AyeItsMikey B says:

James is literally my perfect freind ( he feminine and awesome)

Lumea Papusilor says:

its a boy?Wtfff

Katie White says:

please do a make collection video

Kim Tiemersma says:

please stop swearing! my daughter likes to watch you!

Anna Sheridan says:

You are the actual queen of everything. Lysm

Type1Rocker says:

Hey James I recently started watching your videos, and I was wondering if you had any tips or lessons for someone who has never used makeup in their life. I have never done makeup on myself and never have had it on my face before and am to embarrassed to ask anyone so I wondered if you could do a video for first time makeup users. Thanks love your videos I’m learning a lot.

Sophia Goorally says:

Do smokey eyes have to be black with the color?!

Carter Clifford says:

why does he close his eyes half the time while he’s talking

ChatsWithJosh says:

Hey guys. I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m currently having a giveaway for the month of March! The only way to be entered is to be subscribed. I’m going to be giving away the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye shadow palette&I the glow kit!!!

Humanoid says:

he looks amazing and he is the only human on earth who can work those eyebrows lmao

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