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Rosa Princess19 says:

Is there any small YouTube on here if so can u plz subscribe to my YouTube channel Rosa princess19

Kalyn Capito says:

I love beer haha

Savanah Loates says:

Love you girl! I would love to send you a gift for your birthday 🙂

Stressmess !!!!!! says:

I drink beer pretty fast cause I hate warm beer ..wine makes me sleepy ..I usually drink white Russians ..the thing with me is I don’t like to drink alone and if I go out with friends I don’t stop till Im so drunk ..I love dancing when I drink ..now that im getting older I don’t go out much just because I dred the hang over so bad yuck..Happy Birthday Mom ..

Brittany Colville says:

I like to finish the beer quickly. I like it but not that much. So I usually chug it.

Angelica Mejia says:

Im the same way I can’t sip beer. I love to chug them while there cold

josie saunders says:

Hope you’re mom gets better soon,big hugsssss

Meagan Reams says:

Yass Im from NC n the snow was crazy but that’s NC for ya ….hope ur mom gets better soon

dani238159 says:

I chug my beer too lol

Vanessa Theriault says:

I drink my beer fast while its cold because i hate warm beer ! So no sipping for me lol

Kaelyn Gutierrez says:


j. says:

I’m gonna do my nails and do a lot of schoolwork!

Skylar Zapf says:

I am so sorry mom

Alicia says:

Turned 21 today, let me get my bottle of wine

squishyqueen 0518 says:

Can you please do another video with makenzie marie❤❤❤

Kalyn Capito says:

Such a good idea for the nails

Destiny Mathurin says:

definitely with you on the beer thing! I gotta chug a lot of beer at once to even get it down hahaha can’t sip it…soo gross.
aalsoooo… i totally slipped on ice myself like three years ago and busted my face. pretty sure i broke my orbital bone, it still hurts to the touch this day!! So i hope your moms heals way faster than mine!
yup hormonal chin breakouts are the absolute best..yay…

Mary King says:

What part of North Carolina are you form

Ebony Sortino says:


Elizabeth Maeder says:

Hey Kaelyn…I really love your vids and you. Your story times are amazing. And I actually can relate to some off the story’s

Deana Fisher says:

GURLLLL i do the EXACT same thing. It definitely helps when you paint your nails so you can chip them off when you’re having anxiety.

Eduarda Arrais says:

I really your videos and your personality and content, but i have to be honest. Im sorry gurl but watching your videos is always a struggle because you look like my ex’s new girlfriend sooooo… Things are kinda weird. I watch you and im like i hate her but then im already like nooo dont be like that, shes not Sophia, shes cool… Anyway, im deep conditioning my hair lol

Meg Briane says:

always here for your drunk makeup videos lol

Jordyn Harrington says:

drinking by myself because hes deployed and I miss him and it helps when he isn’t here:(

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