Donald Trump Makeup Tutorial

Kory DeSoto shows you how to do the hottest makeup trend in America! Go ahead and Trump yourself!


Rosey Kitty says:


Lucy Birner says:

Trump is a Bastard. Love dat video.

BeauTAY says:

Im glad I got beautiful Justin Trudeau 🙂

Alysa Dominguez says:

Racic not cool NOT COOL):!!!!!!!!!!!!

perhaps today says:

This guy in the video is actually cute. Trump could only wish to look like him.

Ben Rose says:

Remember when the thought of Trump being President was funny? Ah, the good ol’ days!

Shopkins drawer 300 says:

I’m Mexican ur mean kory

Denise Thompson says:

HahahahaahaahahaahhJAj I love your voise cory

Mary Chobanyan says:

Why am I just seeing this it’s awesome kory!

Celia-Roblox Game Plays says:

I’m eating noodles while watching this and I almost throw up

Yareliz Rodriguez says:

Can u stop Cory ur voice is annoying when u do this bideo

Christmas Christmas says:

I hate Donald trump

Mary Austin Andrews says:

Did any one notice the to-do list in the back round . Kory has nothing add Colleen has a lot !!

Kayla Klosterman says:

I Love Donal Trump. Hillery’s Husband was a slut when he was in the White House.

kailinu says:

This is hilarious! Things get a little scary starting at 3:20 though. Subscribed.

Janelle's Gaming says:

Anyone else cry? No I’m not sad..he just looks so much like donald trump.

TheWhiteHeadphones says:

This is so beautiful and accurate! 😀
But how can I make my hands look smaller?

Miss Cupcake says:


Megan Williamson says:

4 holes to talk out of – he talks out of his arse too

Elizabeth DiMora says:


Kayla Klosterman says:

Why are you making fun of him. Because you gay and he will take away the gays and Hillary will let it happen

Jesse Dorran says:

yass queen

pollard068 says:

Colleen is a procrastinator?

juan igna says:

lmfao a make up of your new president..

jenny traviss says:

love this Kory… you are so funny.

George Miller says:


Kellie Is Smelly says:

I hate Obama

My Name Chef says:

hey look its the gay guy nobody watches

momo icarus says:

Omg. Even reading the title of ur vid already made me laughed so hard!!! Good one, dude!

Victor Red says:

Dude your comments are really rude

stinky smelly says:

good job stealing this idea….. smh and you have more views than her.

Mister Josh says:

Please tell me what song in the end of his video….. I knew it’s ariana grande, but the title is????? Help help

Harry Embuido says:

I LIVE for this

Bunny Funny says:

I know this was a joke but when he commented on Mexicans it was not as funny

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