Blend Party | Oval Makeup Brush Kit

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Kamrul 82 says:

Tristan u cute thing! ♡♥

Trampoline Bros says:

Do ur moms make up

Ellie Johnson says:

The 6 people who were watching the video upsaide down and thought the dislike button was the like button

OldManAgar says:

I think taylor is dead inside

mya fillis says:

Taylor looks so old with all that makeup on!!

chas hastings says:

She looks great

taryn heintz says:

taylor looks gorgeous!!

Emily M says:

The people that have disliked this video are homophobic

Danae Fowler says:

So cute!

Hope Shine says:

Tristan is a fucking snacl

Lydia Mae says:

I couldn’t even tell the hi light was on until you said it

Cena Morillo says:

I would buy the beauty blenders but I’m only 11… =(

Justin Martinez says:

Taylor you’ve never looked more beautiful wow just wow good job Tristan and Taylor.

Mr. MattWho says:

Do Luna’s and Rose’s makeup

Just kidding. Don’t do that, lol

Josh Collins says:

Taylor looks so cute

Lilianna Hardt says:

“Inside? Outside? All side.”- Tristan Braungardt 2k17

Coolmarsh1 says:

Sorry, but she looks like she was punched in the eyes. Not a Fall look more like a Halloween look. The lipstick shade is horrible. She’s a very pretty girl. I don’t understand why you think you can do better.

Kian West says:

Can’t you be my girlfriend

dyllan florida says:

Taylor looks like the Girl from American horror story murder house like yasss Bitch

tabby bloomer says:

I love her makeup amazing job ❤️

Caitlyn Kreklewich says:

Absolutely gorgeous Fellow youtuber support, gotta support one another on our journey here.

Jenna Millionette says:

At the first taylor is so disgusting

Ilyes Bld says:

Subscribe to the chanel not this one his name is challenge ilyes bld

Archie Crawley says:

im not gay but i still really enjoy his makeup
vids for some reason

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