Delta Work’s ‘Smokey Eye for Fall’ Make Up Tutorial | RuPaul’s Drag Race | Logo

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 Queen Delta Work brings us her smokey eye, dark lip fall inspired make up tutorial. Tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 Thursdays at 8/7c. Watch more at


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uknowsalome1 says:

RAVEN !!!!

liza hunt says:

I love your explanation

Poncho the Poncho Salesman says:

okay I pretty much wear this look everyday

officiallie27 says:

Delta is so gorgeous, such an artist and so good at explaining everything!

Peach says:

You’re so SO beautiful and you give such great tips!

Naficeh says:

this entire look was done with essentially 2 palettes. wow.

Delsi Rose says:

His looks so good lowkey

Savannah Fadeley says:

I get all of my makeup tips from drag queen’s

Aaron Loveland says:


Pharyn Himiona says:

please keep these coming…. everytime a new one comes out i get my makeup all set out and try them all… tatianna, jinx, sharon, jujubee, india, yara, alexis, phiphi, roxxxy, are the queens I would want to see a tutorial of… pleaseeeeeee +Logo

FameMonsterThe says:


AD31906 says:


Alejandro Gonzalez Martin says:

Me encanto que bello make up

Lonegurl79 says:

Of all of these tutorials this one is the best explained. Delta is very good at being technical & specific without going over anyone’s head. I feel way more confident taking chances with my smokey eye now. Stunning!!!

eM Es says:

This isn’t how I’d paint, but I think Delta Work is a good makeup teacher. I’ve learned some tricks from this and her other video.

April Johnson says:


E.K. Layton says:

I love Delta wow

Juanee31 says:

she kinda grew on me – theres a certain sadness about her, tho – no shade.

Joel Couché says:


kappakandy says:

I’m just a normal MUA and I have a book of notes from this video that will help me in normal/beauty looks!!! Thank you so much! Super Informative!!

Dexter Lai says:

I wonder why he has less clicks than all the other tutorials… And Logo! Please fix this: I cannot watch vor Videolist from Germany. It always says it’s not available in my region, but, Ii can watch single videos. Why?

damytitnedi says:

was this a re-upload? feel like I’ve seen this

Lona Marie says:

I think Delta is one of the most underrated queens. She always seems like the perfect blend of smart, funny and bitchy…and her makeup skills are on point!

LesbianWednesdays says:

i like how they’re like “fall makeup look” like anyone’s going to be able to pull this off as an everyday fall look (i also don’t get what about it screams the season fall to anyone) but ok

Cristobal Montiel says:

Great tutorial and a very tender person! By the way, Raven knows exactly why he does no tutorial at all, he does not want to be copied…period! Love Cristobal

julian the fire boy says:

shes so pretty omg

e martinez says:

so detailed love it

Ja Ha says:

C’mon Delta you better WORK!!!!!!

Julie Jodoin says:

Delta seems like that eccentric aunt who wants to take you to brunch all the time

Renee Dale says:

This is one of the most informative tutorials I’ve seen on Logo. Thanks Delta <3 <3, Heathers forever!

wait4sum1 says:

Love listening to your voice… calm my anxiety some way some how…feel so kind

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