Daz Watches Worst Makeup Tutorials

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Mei nm says:

6:08 – I just got to ask, does her boyfriend know she’s not black.

RoflGaming Z says:

Fam, the first looks like a shaved chewbacca

Rabbit lullaby says:

thats me trying to be pretty :<

Skywarita says:


lucellaa • says:

what does this guy know about makeup tutorials

ToastyFloss says:

Daz’s laugh when she’s squishing her face is the best

Zoë McCormack says:

Is the first one real?

PCMINER101 says:


Mark Sadler says:

That first one was a joke

fancykook says:

i’m fucking dying your hilarious

Şüheda Bayrakcı says:

Daz is the funniest guy on youtube 😀 love you Daz!

Lucinda says:

Hello Daz I have been watching your videos for a very long time now and they always manage to cheer me up so thankyou. Me and my family are running a fundraiser to help me get a therapy dog to help with my anxiety and depression. If anyone could possibly share this around or donate it would be much appreciated. No matter how big or how little the donation is it is much appreciated https://www.mycause.com.au/page/186658/therapy-dog-campaign
Thankyou so much it would mean the world ❤️

FrugleBugle Oogle says:

The 1st one looked like she had venhaligo before she rubbed in her “makeup” which I assume is melted chocolate. LMAO She looked like 1 of those starving kids from indonesia Bette Middler always talks about. LMAO She looks like a fked up version of Harley Quinn meets Snooki. LMAO The second looks like a witch in war paint, and I agree w/ u she’s DEFINITELY high as a kite. LOL

static_palms says:

What. In 7 shades of hell. Is she doing.

Maggie Egan says:

Lel not sure daz understands the first one is fake

Reeghan Allen says:

Woman u better hurry hahahahahahaha I died

Wisker says:


Lisa maria Harmonie says:

3:34 😀

Mara Bara says:

LIFE IS STRANGE TWO! PLEEEAASSEE!! also the second tutorial was great hahaha

Freya Carter says:

She looks like that Vicky girl who thinks she’s dark skinned

babyemorabbit2 says:

I would die laughing if you did your own makeup video XD

fancykook says:

4:18 well god damn no wonder why half her eyebrow is gone, BECAUSE SHE PUTS DUCK TAPE ON EM

Parker Green says:

A nickel? You mean a penny?

Jupiter says:

The grinch girl is an Icon

SynOCE says:

You should react to the cursed ship in Australia called “Alkimos” the storys are really crazy

tinaa x says:

holy i almost peed watching the second one LMAO

Michael De Greeve says:

Frame the shirts you poophole!

I’m bored says:

The first one sounds like some weird asmr video (also I haven’t seen the whole thing yet so I’m commenting on what I’ve seen)

BluWolf Games says:

Hey, thanks daz for coming back been having really shitty days and loads of bad luck. Was wondering were you were when I needed u the most.

朝日 says:

You’re hilarious. Please do a makeup tutorial

Sarah Kay says:

Yas! You should do a make up tutorial!

Parker Green says:

Oh Daz, you kill me!

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