Crotchet Braids Step By Step Tutorial How To Latch Hook Hair Weave Technique & Tips Part 3

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Supplies Used:

(3) Packs/Bundles of synthetic braiding hair

Plastic hair beader or/and a Crotchet needle



When braiding on natural hair, you always want to be extremely gentle with your hair.
If you are not careful with your hair, that will reflect in the health of your hair.
Too much rough handling on your tresses will result in split damaged ends and hair loss which in the long run stunt the growth of your hair.
Wearing a protective style like this Latch Hook Crochet Braid Hairstyle is great in retaining length but if you always comb aggressively or handle your hair in a rough manner, many of your hair saving methods will go to waste.
Also, remember that when you do Latch Hook Crochet Braids you can make use whatever lenght of extensions that you want.
The ultimate look of a style is to your discretion.

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msmida wynn says:

u r so amazing. I’m not an hairstylist, but I feel like one with your help

Tynorra Parham says:

Could I try this with straight hair?

Jewel Mosley says:

Hi I luv your tutorials!  I just wanted to know can this braid pattern be used to put your hair up in a pony tail or up-do?

true trini girl says:

3 times is enough for me not 4 or 5

Dee dee Dee Dee says:

Not sure if msg came through but thank you for your tutorials….I love them!

purpletangish says:

why do none of these crochet braid tutorials show how to do the back?! seems way more complicated than the front

Mochella Malcolm says:

what do you use on your edges 

Dee dee Dee Dee says:

I wanted to say thank you Breanna because until now I was unable to successfully apply the crochet braid technique, and the tutorial on box braids technique was priceless!…thank you for being so generous in sharing your knowledge!

Beatrice Agyei says:

Thanx very much i now do my own hair without any hair dresser

Price CHERYl says:

Thank you Breanna for introducing the hair beader as an alternative to crocheting the hair.Im trying to maintain my edges and the beader has been very effective.

Kashmir Wicks says:

How would you take these out?

qwaneasia says:


Ashley G says:

How closely do you put each crochet braid?

Rukiya Williams says:

Girl you be on point………….

Tal Mills says:

Very detail

Shanice Allen says:

Another helpful tip, think I’m ready +Helen Bamiro

Mrs Robin R Graham says:

thanks for your informative video you made it so easy to do my crochet braids

jackie biggers says:

Thank you for this informative video. I agree, the beater is the best thing rocking for us thin 4C natural chics. Your videos are Awesome! Jackie B. The Positive Blogger.

Lakeea Allen says:

oh my god i have been looking for you finally now im subscribing!!!!!! love your videos

Andrea Camila says:


Jasmine Fisher says:

beautiful hair this video helped me a lot

Lucy Ramos says:

I have a problem with the crochet braids to stay on. It is slipping off Any suggestion on how to keep them from loosening? Thanks

Lyz Rimau says:

hi Mrs Breanna,
how can i get the beader Amazon / Ebay doesnt ship to Kenya kindly help
am a fun of yours

Lisa Stanfield says:

Great vid

Tima Farid says:

can i use crotchet to do it

Marissa Spice says:

How do u crochet the back of your head?

marquita83 says:

beautiful i will be trying this and i will be buying the plastic beader this style is very convenient!! 🙂

Danielle Collins says:

you rock

Anastacia Beyouteafull says:

What a wonderful tutorial, it’s simple, thorough and I appreciate your commentary! You are such a beautiful young lady. Thank you.

Jasmine Pierre says:

well taught  you are a good teacher  u r the best i listen to others too complicated keep up the good work you are going places

brandy runnels says:

what hair is this??

popo Smith says:

waw this just amazing

Jackie Thompson says:

Very beautiful!!!! What kind of hair you used?

Cathy Adams says:

I don`t like the latch hook it hurts .

Deja Savage says:

Ahh lmao 11:29 she couldnt get that latch closed for nothinf. But fr fr this is a good video, like all her tutorials

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