Corn Rows Hair Tutorial ft. Shybexa Hair Extensions

My most requested hair tutorial is finally here!!! Yes, Dani finally got around to the cornrows hair tutorial you’ve seen all over instagram, snapchat, and youtube!!! I decided to use some of my favorite hair extensions to spice up the hair tutorial!

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I’ve tried to do cornrows braids forever and the way you have done it and makes it more easy

Bella says:

what is the hair colour/ shade of your hair?

yessi says:

damn some of yall need to stop hatin it’s just braids and anyone can wear them.

You are tearing me apart Lisa says:

This comment section is giving me cancer

emo leader says:

Am I the only one who noticed her eyebrows are crooked?

Emily Tracy says:

omg i can not do that braid…can you do it with a normal braid…if its tight


I’ve tried to do cornrows braids forever and the way you have done it and makes it more easy

nikki arcales says:

How do you do the top

GadgetzGirl says:

Ya know, i was trying to figure out what it was that made YOUR video so different from all the other numerous turorials i had watched before yours and was never able to learn how to cornrow until watching yours and after actually learning to do it, and actually did my own hair a couple of times now, i know what makes yours different from all the rest. #1: u actually explained where the strands go (right outside strand under the left strand & to the middle & vice versa) which was huge for me cuz no other video explained this & i cud never actually see where they were taking the strands of hair! #2 u advised NOT to look in the mirror while attempting to cornrow ur own hair or it wud throw u off & u are SO right! That was instrumental on me learning how to do it & the second i stopped trying to see what i was doing in the mirror & just closed my eyes & visualized it, BAM! I got it! So THANK U again for such a detailed explanation in ur tutorial! I wudve never learned without it!!!!

ChickenFlamez Ashley says:

Question: So Dutch and cornrows are basically the same thing? I was always confused on that.


I’ve tried to do cornrows braids for like forever in the way you have done it and makes it more easy

maddie DeLeon says:

is anyone else gonna force there friend to let u do this to them??

Being Traniece says:

Its cute, I see nothing wrong

Alyssa Duarte says:

how we do it

Shaniah Rivers says:

why tf do white ppl or any other race/culture except black want what we have

Manda Wiid says:

thank you so much for this great video was so easy to follow…:))))))))

Chocolate Chip says:

I’m black and don’t understand why black people are getting upset over this. They are literally just braids and you’re all just bringing up negative things. Grow tf up and stop acting so immature.

Mis Safi says:

yano in pakistan my grandparents always braid little girls hair like this! and they also use a string like extension in there hair and braid it in like a long plait. so similar btw its been going on for centuries!

Issa Joke says:

have you guys even set foot in school? you should know that cultures and ideas, religion spreading is called cultural diffusion. it happens all over earth i dont know why some of you are getting so offended when this normal.

Ness LC says:

Good idea. Doesn’t suit you though IMO

Kittties Havok says:

wow . u r super good at that i got lost before u started lol hahaha

Karina Cabrera says:

I love the way you did your wing

sourgrape says:

the only thing that got me a lil pissed is that she didn’t mention black people or show much of culture APPRECIATION

Lana Del CryBaby says:

this society is so sad. Stop judging and let her do what ever the fuck she wants to do and you do you, the world would be such a better place if we just stopped shaming people for THERE choices.


I’ve tried to do cornrows braids forever and the way you have done it makes it much more easier.


I’ve tried to do cornrows braids forever and the way you have done it makes it much more easier.

melody dara says:

she sound like lauren on awesomeness tv omg

Mariah Garza says:

quit acting black…..but girl u is poppin

Yamaris Finnigan says:

Stop this now

4princessz16 says:

I think she’s a wanna be black girl

Bailey says:

People always have to make everything about race… literally everything. It’s braids… chill tf out, it isn’t that serious!!!

sunshine girl says:

These technically aren’t even cornrows?? They’re mini Dutch braids.. there’s a difference in the technique,, chill.

lemon_dust16 says:

Is anyone else laying in the floor crying because they can’t braid?

Gypsy Rose says:

Your so pretty

GadgetzGirl says:

OMG! I have to give u props girl! I have been trying to learn how to do this practically all my life! Ever since i was a kid but cud never freaking get it down, my hands cudnt grasp the positions they shud be in until i watched YOUR video & trust me, i have watched tons & urs is the only one that taught me & i just did it! I got one side of my head done now & i am just thru the roof w excitement!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Zoe Thomas says:

Everyone is acting like when black women wear dreads that EVERYONE is SOOOOO OFFENDED AND DISGUSTED but then it’s whatever with white chicks? Like, have you EVER watched tutorials by black women doing hair? There are 0.00000000 comments about how ‘gross’ or ‘weird’ it looks, AND any regular person in society I’ve seen is more likely to be like “OMG your hair looks so amazing and cool, can i touch it” towards a black woman with cornrows or whatever. I would know because THEY’RE ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. If anyone is getting bashed for having those hairstyles its white people and the black women from their companies. I don’t know if you haven’t realised it yet but, COMPANIES IN AMERICA ARE EXTREMELY DISCRIMINATORY, AND HAVE BEEN FOR A WHILE. If you are different in any way, you will be asked to change it, if you have a problem with it, petition the government to change their rules about workplace discrimination OR find a job that accommodates it – just like people who have tattoos/piercings, etc.

Reva Latkar says:

a moment of silence for her patience man

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