Coraline Halloween Makeup Tutorial

It’s time for Coraline to visit the other mother and find out if buttons are the coolest thing ever. In this Coraline Halloween Makeup Tutorial you will learn how to create a dragonfly hair pin, super cool buttons and a needle using our Ellimorph Plastic. This makeup is easy to recreate and is suitable for beginners.

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Nichola Walker says:

that is the cyootist i loved it

Heybob123 says:

I was little when I watched the movie but after I watched it I got a huge fear of Lala loopsies and I am still afraid of them

Ann Field says:

cute design for Coraline it’s so awesome but I wish I was it decided just like that

Rainbow Jones says:

Can you do the old woman but out there suits

Annelie Leliveld says:

7:46 did you use yellow hairspray to paint the coat ‘WHITE’ how so?

Girls game 4 ever says:

This movie is freaking scary!!!!

유하연 says:

I wonder if there’s other ways to attach the buttens to your face without the skin adhesive….. I think I’ll never use it after this……. 🙁

Devone Dixon says:

when you were making the thing darker you looked like a kid

Melissa Lowenthal says:

Ellie is pretty

C. Capistran says:

Coraline other mother is soooo creepy i got scared when i saw other mother… you know

Daisy05able says:

why not just use real buttons and sow them in?

Tuti Torres says:

can you do smiley

mina markovska says:

why is she doing duck lips wtf??

SpringMangle234 MSP says:

She did not get Botton’s in her eyes -.-

Kenneth Sheets says:

the blood looks fake

Arturo Ramos says:

Cuba vii

lacey p says:

my friend called me bitchy couse she is realy bitchy

PurpleGirl x PurpleGuy says:

are the buttins real?

Kelly Baxter says:

how can you see

Mangle The pirate fox says:

There’s no blood

Carl Crawford says:

Cat Daddy

Destenie Infinity says:

Im from sweden! 😀

Yen Dang says:


Louisa Edginton says:

Coraline is my first ferthrut

Phan Emo Trash says:

I am obsessed with Coraline

Isabella Hayward says:

7:20 nice hair

RobloxianKhaybrine xD says:

Coraline:hi mutherfucker Mother:shut up wut did u call me!

Carol Leuchten says:


Monica Spratt says:

coraline never had buttons as eyes

Ana Beatriz Neves de Abreu says:


Ignalys Lorenzo says:


Ayano- Roblox And More says:


Free Agcaoili family says:

the only one that was so good

Mr Ennard says:


The MagicKitten says:

omg awesome

Laura Capera says:

estuvo fabuloso y muy buena artista

Peter Fay says:

Or winy/ wiby

The Rainbow Squishy says:

That back and forth thing kinda got annoying

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