Color Correcting Makeup Tutorial | Real Techniques

Learn how to master the new craze of color correcting makeup. Sam breaks down how different makeup colors look with different skin tones and how to use color correcting properly with Real Techniques brushes.

To understand color correcting, Sam explains what effect each color has on the skin using either liquid or powder makeup. Cancel out redness with a green or a yellow with a more yellow skin tone. Cover a bruise or brighten yellow skin tones with a yellow or purple. Hide darkness under the eyes or brighten the face overall with a pink. Color correcting can also be used to neutralize a foundation to match your natural shade. Sam demonstrates how she applies color correcting using any of the Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow, Setting Brush, or Essential Foundation Brush.

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Stepha says:

Love all your tutorials and your products!!!!! Do you have a book out at all?

Polly Dolly says:

Thanks Sam, this was most helpful

Lucero Romero says:

Your eyes are starting at my soul…I love them lol

Iris Gonzalez says:

Thanks Sam. So helpful and informative

connie moss says:

love the real technique sponges way better than beauty blender those are so expensive, I Like that real technique sponges are reasonable prices , I was wondering if you will have real technique miny sponges I truly would love those 🙂

Sandra McCormick says:

Brilliant video! Thank you so much for explaining this in detail. Colour correction has always been Chinese backwards to me and I never understood why my under eye area never looked nice and bright!

Sarah Molina says:

Who else wishes they could have Sam or Nic do their makeup for them? lol ..

LaurenCristina3 says:

This video needs to be everywhere.

Aloha Leslie says:

Aloha Sam! I have a bit, not lots, of hyperpigmentation on my cheek area. Should I use a peach color corrector? Thanks!!

pallavi gupta says:

Love love the video!!

Darrele Dunbar says:

Beautiful! What brand are the two powders? I definitely want to try this- using my Real Techniques brushes, of course!

Alice G says:

Hey Sam..not necessarily a color correcting question, but I have some broken capillaries on my chin and it seems that not matter what I use, they still show threw it..Any tips on covering them??

Shiry Furman says:

Great video! You look sooo beautiful! could you please say what lipstick and eyeshadow did you use?

Katie Louise says:

If You’re reading this then you’re beautiful and loved and deserve to be happy 🙂 <3

Fairoze Hassan says:

Did you apply foundation over your salmon under eye concealer ?

Debbie Glenn says:

Thank you Sam and NIC, for all you do! Love these tips and directions !!!!!!

chell4x4 says:

Excellent advice thanks muchly xx.

Candice Chupp says:

So helpful! Thanks!

Looloos Hair says:

This was soo informative. I always learn so much from your videos. Id love for you to come and do my makeup! Thank you for sharing 🙂 i love your miracle complexion sponge btw, im on my fourth! My 4 year old daughter looloo and I have some hair tutorials on our channel. We would love some feedback, advice and comments from anyone reading this. It would make our day. We would really appreciate it 🙂 thank you for reading this comment. Enjoy your day xx

chell4x4 says:

Q. I use cliniques redness solutions foundation and its great I was wondering is it green undertoned or is there green in the formula?

Markeya H says:

Thank You for suggesting a colour for darker skin tones

marcela chaves says:

Very informative video! Just one little thing, yellow cancels out purple, not green… just saying.

laurapirate says:

Wow love the new intro!

best chanel says:

How to be attractive ? Have Great body + nice hair + be fashionable ( wear nice outfit, makeup, styling your hair, lotion perfume, shower, brush your teeth.) + have an amazing facial expressions , and quite tone of voice, be funny, soulful, and arrogant.
Do you agree ?

Abi Preston says:

Sam your so pretty it kills me

Rachie2k13 says:

I thought it was called a pointed foundation brush not an essential foundation brush? Did the name change when the packaging changed?

Narg Ali says:

really helpful and good video sam-thank you!

Makeup by Abby says:

thank you

Liliana Delgado says:

Sam is so beautiful i have to watch twice the videos because i lost in her eyes *-*

Sophie Bartley says:

Great video, this is really helpful thank you x

Brenda Olsen says:

Excellent, informative video as always. Thank you for keeping it real. Much love from Canada! Lookin fly as always Sam <3

Marilyn says:

Please sell the essential crease brush individually?

Liz Castro says:

How can I correct a foundation that is a bit darker for my skin? Can I correct it with powder? I recently buy the EX1 foundation in the shade F100, but it’s a bit darker and I really want to use it because it’s great on my skin, but when I mixed it with other foundations the effect is not the same 🙁 Please help me!

Allison Cremeans says:

Great video! What is the lash serum you and Nic use that you have referenced in videos? Anyone else know?

Saima Hussain says:

Love your hair!

Ninette Perez says:

Gracias por este video! it is so useful!!!!:)

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