Cobalt Blue Makeup Tutorial

Huge thanks to Nars Cosmetics for partnering up with me on this video! Please give the video a thumbs up if you would like to see more colorful makeup tutorials!

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Freeze Time by Manse ft. Alice Berg (Price & Takis Remix)


nikh yashin says:

Amazingly done! Perfection!❤️

Rou Jing says:

this is absolutely gorgeous gurl! please do more looks like this! <3

Lafalot54 says:

I normally don’t watch tutorials, but I love this look!! Blue is one of my favorite colors so the eyes look amazing, but I also think the lips are perfect!!

Candy Carroll says:

where do you get your make up brushes? Amy suggestions fashionista804??

Charlene Lubang says:

Love your necklace! Where is it from?

dvera55 says:

Hey Sophia! I’ve been a long time subscriber for many years now and I really loved how you have evolved into such a great youtuber and I love your taste in music I was hoping if you could listen to my friends music he’s really good and I have a feeling you would like his music i’ll leave the link –>

Raina Noel says:

Hey Soph, love the look! real quick, why do you apply concealer before foundation? don’t know if you’ve previously mentioned this before but just wondering if this is something you’ve learned or just prefer?

OmgitsTea says:

Sophia, this is unrelating to your makeup but would you be able to tell me where you’d get your circular clear glasses? Thank you in advance <3

최풍산 says:


ingrid3578 says:

I bought Undressed and hated it 🙁 it wasn’t like anything I expected. It’s a mousse texture that’s super streaky. I returned it right away. I understand different people like different products but Sophia I hope you are staying true to yourself and not raving about these Nars lipglosses just because it’s sponsored :(:( I noticed quite a few of your makeup tutorials have been sponsored (not that I have anything against it I know it’s your job).

DeevilishBeeauty says:

I love it! So different!!

Chelsae Valentine says:

is her necklace a giant clasp?? =

Cleo Heu says:

Ohhhh I can’t wait for the lippies

heavenly8173 says:

I love this look be blessed!!!

TheTaylorNoelle says:

You look great! Immediately clicking on this I’d purchase the lip color.

La-Tweez says:


Joanna Quimpo says:

i rili adore u gurl… pls go to BKK

Rochelle justiniano says:

what ever you do.. you are still my Idol.. my love and forever bff here in yt.. ! keep it up gurrrrl! philippines

Sherrill Feng says:

This is gorgeous!!

S Mil says:

you look awesome!!! I love this look on you!

Michelle Guiritan says:


Maha Maven says:

love the blue shadow on you!

nuleethealien says:

so gorgeous!

Mia Zimnik says:

love it!!! the bright color reminds me of throwback fashionista804 days ^.^

layla kate says:

you look so tired

Quick-Sword Ilena says:

This def one of my favorite youtubers out there she never complains about the workload she gets as a youtuber and just posts when she posts. I feel like most youtubers these days always have a talking vlog where they talk about their workload and woah is me blahblahblah but nah sophia just does what she has to do and her vlogs are her genuinely just enjoyin her life

Kristy Landsberg says:

I miss your makeup tutorials!

Jody Araque says:

i really love the blues on you! Gorgeous! JoJo

its_ kristy says:

are you going to be making a Halloween look this year?

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