Coachella Rock n’ Roll Makeup Tutorial | STEPHANIE LANGE

Hey loves! So Coachella 2016 is THIS WEEKEND and Guns n Roses are playing and I WONT BE THERE! ☹ Wahhh… but I know a lot of you guys are going, so I’ve done this tutorial on the makeup that I WOULD wear, if I was going to Coachella. I hope you love it! (P.S, yep – this look is absolutely perfect for hooded eyes!)

Here’s the ‘Dome Shape’ for Hooded Eyes Makeup Tutorial:


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SNAPCHAT: stephilalalange


– URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Concealer (Fair Neutral)

– BEAUTY BLENDER Micro Mini Sponge

– NARS Luminous Powder


– SIGMA E32 Exact Blend Brush (use code: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off any Sigma purchases!)

– MAKEUP GEEK Crème Brule
(In the video I said ‘Preppy’ was my transition shade, but it was actually Crème Brule. Sorry!)

– BDELLIUM TOOLS 787 Blending Brush

– MAKEUP GEEK Cocoa Bear

– SIGMA E25 Blending Brush (use code: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off!)


– URBAN DECAY 24/7 Waterliner Pencil

– BENEFIT They’re Real Mascara

– NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint


– SMASHBOX Contour Sticks

– NARS Illuminator Copacobana

– IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder Brush

– HOURGLASS ‘Incandescent’ Strobe Lighting Powder
– SIGMA F15 Duo Fiber Brush (use code: STEPHANIE10 for 10% off any Sigma purchases!)

– HOURGLASS Luminous Bronze Light Bronzer

– NARS ‘Super Orgasm’ Blush

– BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet (Colour: 07 Nude Ist)


– I get my lash extensions done here:



– Here’s where I buy my high end makeup at discount prices: GlamBot:

– My FAVOURITE Fake Tan (the BEST fake tan in the WORLD!) – (Use Code: ‘stephanie’ to receive a FREE Exfoliating Mit or Back Applicator!)

– Spin for Perfect Skin Face Brush (Use Discount Code: S4Spin for a 70% discount!)

– MY TEETH WHITENER: (Use Discount Code: SLM25 for 25% off!)

– MY BELLAMI HAIR CURLER: BELLAMI ‘6 in 1’ (Use Discount Code: LANGE160 for $160 off!)
– MY BELLAMI HAIR EXTENSIONS (Use Discount Code: LANGE for $$$ off!)

– For 10% off ALL SIGMA products, use the Discount Code: STEPHANIE10

– For 25% off GERARD COSMETICS and WHITENING LIGHTENING products, use the code: SLM25 at checkout:


I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Thank you for watching! XO

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Tina Vuleta says:

guns n roses is my fav band too,hell yeah go girl

x3BobO says:

Love your video’s and your recommendations (and the fact that you’re a rock fan makes you even better m/), but where do you girls get all the money to buy these products! I can’t get my head around those priced.. Looks like I’ll be sticking to drugstore makeup myself..

Lyndsay Traxx says:

Just discovered your videos, and I totally love this makeup style! I’m from France and I’m also a big fan of Guns N’ Roses and especially Axl Rose for his vocal range 🙂

Lizard Kings Queen says:

Holy shit Axl Roses name on your wrist? I don’t recall him making any groundbreaking material or been a up there with John Lennon or Jim Morrison. What speaks to you so deeply you would make a tribute so personal and unmovable??

makeupbyOZZIE says:

I love this Rock n Roll look <3  kinda grungy

Amal Derbeli says:

I was watching your tutorials from 2014 to now and WOW your skills have improved a lot ! keep up the good work Stephanie, Im a big fan of you ! xoxo

Tenneille Chapman says:

I just want to say i love watching your videos so much! i think you are so adorable! i have learnt so much from you as i have a semi hooded eye too and i love love love make-up!!! xxx

Marietherese Chahine says:

u are so gorgeous stephanie could u do a video on how to make ur nose look shorter. btw I luv u

Selam says:

I love how you give tips for hooded/puffy eyes thank you so much. I always avoid eyeshadow because of that but not anymore! ❤️

Dan Fletcher says:

Just fell in love… A beautiful woman with a beautiful music taste haha 😉

Julie Johnson says:

What’s the brand and color of your lipstick? Great tutorials. I would love to get a makeover by you. Thank you for your videos.

Celess Tyrell says:

What color in the Nars Skin Tint do you use? Finland?

Καλλιόπη Καλούδη says:

I love love love gnr so much I’m Aquarius & so Axl I get his attitude. I can’t go either but I’ll see the concert via ytube.
The make up is very good, youthful, fresh, my question is for the eyebrows, I noticed that you have had a semi permanent tattoo on them but it’s faiding away. how long do you have it & when did it start to faid ?
xoxo Kelly

Rosez says:

Absolutely slayin this makeup look, love how it turned out! 🙂

LordoftheStrings0024 says:

Wow! What a babe! Great taste!

Amanda arthurs says:

What would the colors be from MAC? I have carbon. But I don’t know what the base and cocoa bear versions would be? Help!! Lol

Lindsay Wilson says:

So pretty! Can’t wait to try this look ☺️

Cunis Kanal says:

I just found your channel and I am already obsessed !! x

ShellianT10 says:

Thanks for giving hooded eyed girls hope and ideas with your beautiful looks. Love your makeup tutorials!

Tmac1963 says:

I Loooove this look! I’m especially excited that it is hooded eye friendly! I don’t do many, or any matte looks. But it dawned on me that a smoky eye deals with the issue of shadow transfer that is a constant issue with my hooded eyes. I will began practicing this look ASAP.

Milagros Escudero says:

This is absolutely gorgeous.

Maitry Chawda says:

Will you pleas my birthday is coming on this 28th can you tell me what makeup will look good on me.?

Laura B says:


Christy Stover says:

Guns N’ Roses always has been and always will be my all time favorite band! They’re lyrics are so powerful, they’re videos are overwhelmingly artistically deep, and Axl Rose is smokin’ hot! Seein’ them on the 12th in Seattle! Rock on! Oh, love this makeup look.

Valerie Love says:

Love this look! Id love You can check out my Coachella inspired makeup look video !:)

iSnipeZombieGuts says:

this look is fucking amazing

Zoe Kouf says:

I want a hair video from you. Lovely hair colour!

xdanierox says:

You’re toooooo beautiful and your makeup skills are life.
Love this look. Wish I had the confidence to try it lol.

Shannon Hurley says:

I love how you’re a rocker girl too! I have yet to go to a rock concert as crazy as that sounds. The day I do I will definitely be doing this look though. Thanks!

Μαρία Κελλίδου says:

Hey, Stephanie!! Thanks for the lovely video! Can please make a tutorial about how to cover dark circles under the eyes? Thank you!!
(I love the baby beauty blender!!! <3)

ShellianT10 says:

Thanks for giving hooded eyed girls hope with you beautiful looks. Love your tutorials! Keep them coming!

La-Tweez says:

Love your intro

Taylor Phillips says:

what’s the difference between bronzer and Contour?

Dawn de la Morte says:

Better make this makeup bullet proof because it’s about 100 degrees F out here even at this time of year.

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