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heini meier says:

Laura, I love your nails! <3 <3 <3

_ KIXR _ says:

God Mimi is so hot

ItsZaulia says:

You guys are really pretty

Tiffany Zette says:

Never seen you guys without sharpies!!! Lol!!!!! Mimi looks like a model.

i love pushin says:

is gone when they start the tutorial

priscilla garcia says:

Can you do a who’s got the best comebacks video please

Kimberly Workman says:

hi cuz

I.P Freely says:

I freaking lose it when the horn comes on at the beginning and just keep dying from there. These girls are genius. Gracias nenas.

Jul Villarreal says:


Anais Diaz says:


Gracie March says:

There eyes are so pretty

Nevena Neskoska says:

low key and low maintenance, use one.. hahahah

Carolina Masso says:

is it me or is Laura annoying

Nichole Brooks says:

Why do they have black lip liner!

Denise Haynes says:

The landlord at the end tho lmao

Vivian Espadas says:

There so pretty

0Jean Screen0 says:

Honestly the little fights and when you guys talk over each other is hilarious!! I love you guys!!

Georgia Smith says:

OMG they look so pretty with out makeup

lolz38 38cm says:

mimi is fucking beautiful

HappyCat H says:

I feel like Dora is more I’m going to fight you and Mimi is more of a slut

Aleina Peralta says:

bro I like laura better but tho their roommate was like throwing shade like haters but my girl laura now how to fight Mimi is just the ugly one and she can’t even fight

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