Charlotte Tilbury Make up Tutorial – Ad

Go visit Charlotte’s store in Covent Garden. This video contains a paid for advertorial.

Products included:
Magic Cream

Light Wonder Foundation

The Retoucher

Mini Miracle Eye Wand

Audrey Pencil

Legendary Lashes

Pillow Talk Lip liner

Bitch Perfect Lipstick

Pink Venus Lip Lip Liner

Miranda May Hot Lips Lipstick

Product launch dates:
Instant Palette – 18 April
Legendary Lashes – 6 May
Legendary Brows – June
Hot Lips – 24 June


Queenlogy BeauT says:

pardon me, but i couldnt help staring at her hand, i guess Charlotte needs to start focusing on her hands, sorry for being frank though… her complexion were flawless, but her hands were showing signs of aging!

Sofie Phillips says:

It would be wonderful if Charlotte would make a pro version of the Magic Cream without the fragrance and spf!

Musicisthefreedom says:

Anyone else wish they could afford to get rid of all their other brands and swap them for Charlotte’s? 😀

Luc Hofe says:

what color is the legendary brows? I already have a lot of Charlotte but don’t know what color to order for the brows!

sbiiine says:

I love her. She’s so normal!!

Ellie Plummer says:

This is so gorgeous!

Maura Silva says:


Nikki Wright says:

I think you’re eyebrows look so much better like this x

Alien matsu says:

I’m late
But honestly I can never stop smiling with this video

ArtofDylan says:

i love her personality and humor!

Carla García Palencia says:

she really knows how to sell her products

Raquel Talia Mack says:

Bring Charlotte to South Africa!! ♡♡ please 🙁

Carmel mc grath says:

you are fantastic love watching you do the impossible wish I could afford to buy your products. Ireland

Kayani says:

Nic belongs on the red carpet

infinitydomi says:

As a makeup artist I really want to meet Charlotte in person she seems really genuine and down to earth person

6neverhide5 says:

You two are lovely together! & this make up is just gorgeous. I think I have to start saving for that cream :’) xo

Someone Special says:

come to hong kong <3

Bárbara Rivera says:

i love charlotte

Hollie House says:

I don’t think I’ve ever been so absorbed by an ad before!! Loved it!

kat pap says:

not sure if I like it… very nice result but she looks like a different person…

thehitchrules says:

C.T is a super-talelented make -up artist. I would LOVE her to do my make-up.

sugarplumfairy20101 says:

That mascara is amazing!!!!!

ZJ ZJ says:

What is the name of Charlotte Tilbury’s pallet?
Your eyelashes look amazing.

bowwowmusic8 says:

That magic cream is literally astral

Jasminka Silajdzic says:

OMG, What a two beautiful humble women… It’s such a pleasure watching you and knowing you would never put your name on a product you absolutely think it is amazing…that’s called loyalty and trust … Thank you!

Sophia G says:

I NEED that brow product! Wow! Charlotte is so talented. You look absolutely beautiful (both before and after).

Alia Farhan says:

wats her hair colour??i meant charlote

tak voks says:

What was the name of the palette? Wasnt totally clear to me….

Stephanie Kelly says:

i just want to ask something, because I have a huge struggle with make up and its the fact that after I put on foundation or concealer I feel the need to have to set under my eyes around and on my nose with powder that ends up looking quite cakey. In this video, I notice that charlotte leaves your face without setting under the eye on the forehead and on ur nose without any powder, does it not move around after a full day or night out? All she does it contour your cheeks with powder and highlight and does the under eye not crease or come off slowly?

Celeste DB says:

She’s such a name dropper! We get it, you worked with really famous people!!!

Victoria Ward says:

Wow Nic, stunning!

Cherry Chen says:

That brow thingy looks fantastic!

Black To Grace says:

Thst look is anything but ‘natural’ unless you’re comparing it to drag queen make up

Iris Hickson says:

holy CRAP that mascara

jan1999br says:

Wow!! Gorgeous makeup!

Liz Miller says:

Oh my gosh, I love, love, love this! I’ve watched it three times. Two of my absolute favorite makeup MORE-THAN-EXPERT artists, and beautiful ladies, inside and out. I wished it went on and on. Nic, you look so amazing!!

danc1nroxs says:

You are so beautiful and this look is so beautiful! Charlotte Tilbery is a wonderful woman!

Althea ToldMe says:

This is an ad done how it should be! Entertaining, off the cuff, informative, but up front about being an ad! I love CT’s line, and love Real Techniques, and especially adore the gorgeous women behind them!

Rhiannonny A says:

Omg you’re both so gorgouss x

Carolina Medeiros says:


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