WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF MY NEW THUMBNAIL? I reckon I’m gonna get it changed so that all my others look cool like this

primer//bare minerals
foundation//oxygen bb cream and hello flawless benefit foundation
contour// anastasia beverly hills
setting powders// australis setting powder and rimmel in transluscent coz im a ghost
blush// indecent proposal by bare minerals
highlighter // maryloumanizer bc i cant get my hands on ice cold by jeffree yet oml

soft ocre paint pot//mac
china white//jeffree star
makeup geek shadows:
creme brulee
cocoa bear
winged eyeliner is the tattoo liner//kat von d
3D rimmel mascara
dollywink mascara
party stack falsies by xobeauty

lush lipscrub in my boy lollipop (tastes like lollies)
and the beautiful amazing CELEBRITY SKIN!!!!

Let me know what lipstick to do next, i have every shade except for hoe hoe hoe (rich blood is pratically the same but ya) I think the next one im going to be doing is blow pony, what do you guys reckon?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVxe5NIABsI – Up
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUon3SvWfZs – M&M
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1jmhbw3JHw – willy wonka
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0E5NdEZiXyQ – i do loovvveee youuuu


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Stay Groovy!


cecilia gonzalez says:

I love you and you look like Miley Cyrus and I love you

Seher Faizi says:


Emilee Palmer says:

you should leave your brows how they are naturally

Tori F says:

pls use different music- I want to mute it lmao love u and all ur videos tho!!!!!!!

bitch please says:

She literally looks so much like Lilly Collins but then when she puts in her blue eye contacts she looks like Miley Cyrus

ellie peel says:

can u do a jeffreestarr tortorial but your sister doing your voiceover

andiiryan says:

U look stunning with this

Carrie Denise says:

You are literally my favorite YouTuber:)

Analie Karavdic says:

The only thing I could focus on is the creasing under the eyes maybe baking or some kind of oil mixed with ur concealer or foundation would help but anyway great video !❤️

KB productions says:

omg girl these looks be like slaying my life right now

Lauren Hanlon says:

Teeth whitening exists this day and age.. no excuse for it

Alisha N says:

I love your makeup did u get lip fillers I love youuuu xxxxxxxx

ThatAwk Rainbow says:

can you please do a tutorial with werido?

Kawaii Potato says:

shes caking her face.

MollyAndJess says:

I have celebrity skin, Gemini and Leo, do you have any suggestions on which ones I should buy which I could wear to school?

Casey Robbins says:

Seriously love the blue contacts! They look beautiful!

New Yorkie says:

my friend was like “did she just say “Cat Von D”? *sniffles* we are THROUGH Caito!!”

BYUURN says:

Omg you are just a beautifull human!! I really like you. Follo u from the start and still in love 😉 keep up the fleeky make-up and fierce personality . Weirdo kissis from belgium

Payton Boyette says:

Would you like some blush?’No’

Thatone Maturekid says:

do a drug lord tutorial pleassseee

ReallyRachel says:

Your brows are like Frida Kahlo level and I’m loving it

Sam says:

I thought that sounded like Pogo’s music! Ahhh, I love his stuff.
Love the look too. New subbie!

Felskieee2 says:

where do u buy ur contacts?

Logan Cope says:

You could call your fans or viewers fries (French fries) because potaoe. Just a thought

Isabella Reprieto says:

Just found Caito starting 2017 and I’m obsessed and I have been watching all day. Jesus you’re amazing

Emily Foster says:

u suit blue eyes like a fkn bomb

Maryssa Jacquelin says:

you’re an m&m there is no sense to look where your pockets are??? wtf?

Sofia Dastolfo says:

It’s amazing how much someone can transform with makeup

Lucie Clarke says:

No joke, I re-watch your videos just to hear your outro

Alex 24 says:

You and that little kid have made my day ahahah

Emmi .B says:

You need to use more weird music like this

Payton Boyette says:

Would you like some blush?No.

ellie peel says:

can u do more videos where u just put music on

karla avila says:


Elizabeth.1236 says:

Can you do a look with drug lord

Tabatha wallbank says:

which song is this and what do u edit your vids with? xx

Rosalie Campeau says:

you look like Nash Grier with contact! I love your video!!

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