Bullshit Night Out Makeup Tutorial

What’s up guys! I’m going to show you how I get ready for a night out with the homies in this bullshit makeup tutorial.

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Madeline Lindley says:

You’ve changed

Kawthar Hassan says:


Mallory Gatehouse says:

what does baking do??? like under the eyes and on the jaw line why should i do it lol

Hollie B says:

I subscribed so fast. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS <3

zonia reston says:

I think if you loose weight you look like kendal jenner

sydney mor says:

15 seconds in and I’m already subscribed!

carrie anne says:

anyone else see that little blob of foundation that landed on her boob and smudged when she moved her arm LMFAO

Therese Poole says:

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Lavitadilauder says:

What did she use for her lips??

Fountain Wayne says:

omg she’s soo funny but I want to know what eyebrow color she uses

mrskauvaka says:

“and not do un child of god like things” LMBAO

Klyde Alapriz says:

omg She’s very pretty.

Velma C. says:

I truly need a great brush since I use makeup practically daily, and I found what I require here
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soph goats says:

this is so funny

Amanda-Lee LeMay says:

you’re amazing omg

Alyssa says:

You are unique and funny. Subscribed! 🙂

Sarah Fowler says:

Please will you do my makeup for my wedding???

Samantha Norway says:

OMG ive been dying laughing since 30 secs into the video and have not stopped! my cheeks hurt!

Kiss & Make - Up says:

You cant judge a book from its cover and boy I do love this look. Just subscribed to you channel and cant wait for it to come up on my notification .

Afghan amiri says:

Omg u always make me laugh love ur videos

Naty Ecker says:

Your make up tutorial is better than mine, because i have no idea how to put on make up because I never buy make up, and i actually don even have a make up tutorial, but let me tell you you are one funny cool chick and love to watch your tutorials because you are also putting me in a good mood by making me laugh, your personality is unique and very positive and happy, and i absolutely love that. How do you do you eyebrows so good tho?

Taqueia pitt says:

your super funny and i love it

Juliefilms says:

your comedic timing is on point! I love you !!!

Varinder Singh says:

hey girl ur hilarious do u have snapchat

Michelle Lyon says:

I dont know why, but you really really annoy me, i think its because youre big !!

The Ultimate Variety Channel™ says:

Ugh you look scarier than a ghost or zombie. Obesity is disgusting!


TBH: you are really good at make up but the foundation, powder and concealer make you look like a ghost NO OFFENSE:)

shyla victor says:

so had me at cheettos… lol

Sophia Mai says:

she looks like kylie jenner

Emma Gilmore says:

She’s not even that pale oh my god it’s annoying

Brianda_The _Panda says:

*Oh no its on my pants* (and your bra too)

inesef says:

Oj jesus! Oh jesus again!)))

Miranda Rae says:

I have no idea why the way she talks reminds me of w young Kylie jenner’s voice. Yes I know it’s weird and that’s exactly why I thought I’d share it LOL

Kayla Comley says:

love this lady!!!! <3

Francesca R. says:

What’s your snap chat girlfriend !! Anyone know???

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