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Hope you guys Enjoyed! Thank you for watching!!


Base: Foundation

-Elmer’s Glue stick.
-Kryolan white setting powder.
-Kryolan Tv Paint stick. Colour: 0B
-Australis cream contour pallet

Base: Powder

-Air spun translucent powder.
-Australis contour powder
-Boots pressed powder (contour) Shade: 40 Star Anise.
-Kryolan white setting powder.


-OXX Eyebrow Pencil – brown
-Sportsgirl To the Point Liquid Liner: Shade: Black
-Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Pallet
-Morphe pallet 35B
-H&M eyeshadow. colour Russet Rose
-Daiso black eyeliner pencil.
-Kryolan Tv paint stick. Colour: white
-W7 Eyelust Mascara


-OXX eyebrow pencil – taupe
-Kryolan Tv Paint stick. Colour: 0B
-Nyx Eye and Eyebrow Pencil. Colour: brown.
-Daiso Eyeliner: Black
-Kryolan Tv paint stick. Colour: white


-OXX Eyebrow Pencil – brown
-Nyx liquid Lipstick, colour SandStorm

Manicure Lashes. Adriana.

Frekles + Highlight:

-OXX Eyebrow Pencil – brown
-Boe shimmer roll in highlight

MUSIC: ( In order)
-Retro Hurley Mower
-New Chances, Muciojad
-Non Copy Right Music. New York
-Gems Hurley Mower
-Flurry Hurley Mower


Stephanie Cramer says:

You look like LALA KENT from vamderpump rules!

Dr. Shit Fun Chew says:

2:24 she would look pretty bald

Antelmo Gonzalez says:

Fuck i just found you as I gotta say that your makeup skills are way better then jeffree star and Nikki tutorials etc like I’m wowed. Amazing.

Laure Anne says:

Just discover your channel and I’m in love, even tho all of those makeup aren’t wearable in everyday life hahaha ! Still learning some tips and tricks 😉 you are super talented

kevin.scummyx VEVO says:

looks like lindsey lojan

BlackHeartConquest says:

looks like nikkietutorials

LlL says:

ariana side by side stole ur look!! charge her omg

Emily Jayne says:

Love this!! Where are you from???? I can’t figure your accent xx

Artnitt Motth says:

Everything is fine but.. But… Why all of ur video pic always make tht same lips style… Like ur lips are swollen / duck face! So boring.. Try to do another cover pic with different emotions… Tq

Glitter Grasshopper says:

this is just… i cant even. it looks too good

jose ortiz says:

Omg you kinda look like Joseph Harwood! I just found you and you’re gorgeous!!

Ariell Onay says:

you are amazing! !

selena _ says:

omg pls dont blow on ur brushes

Reece Taylor says:

erykah badu remix yass

Santa Bracero says:

I’m sorry but that maqueup looks horrible haha

AnastasiaCrowbar Beauty says:

ayye good to see another aussie on yt

Budhi Malu says:

I LIVE for when the ends of eyebrows are higher than the inner corners

deaa senpaii says:

*puts on whole face on foundation* “blend it outtt” BITCH WHERE

Lovis Myrhill says:

girl are u a stoner, girl

Danielle Perino says:

you literally deserve a billion subscribers. you are so unbelievably talented babes!

Breonna Rockelle says:

Damn this girl is going to be really famous one day

Ademarie Carlo says:

she’s really the only reason I’ve begun to love drag makeup!!

Victor Guillen says:

You are amazing!!

Eric HUGZ says:

Can u do a chola look?

Kareyann Pearl says:

Love Love Love this Lucy. But really it’s always your personality that comes through and animates the whole look.

Ivy Marie Adrian says:

Honestly this fucking look slays the whole game…..

sephorasara says:


Vivalapinkposh says:

i love this look

Trinity Metler says:

Does anyone know how old she is? ❤️

Crystal Ramirez says:

i seriously love this look, imma try it after i learn your techniques.

Carlos Valtierra says:

me encanta tu maquillaje

Buney Kim says:

you’re so talented


There is a drag queen that this look reminds me of, but I can’t think of her for the life of me… I don’t want to say it’s Pearl Liaison but… I don’t know.

Edit: It’s Ariel Versace. That’s who I was thinking of.

Edit (2): I probably should’ve watched this just a little bit more, because she mentioned Pearl, lmao

Paloma Lust says:

woo.. love those freckles!

La. Mélodie says:

so much talent!

duvallkid1991 says:

You are so amazing at makeup!!! I wish you could beat my face

Sonny Skye says:

This look is more Lindsay Lohan than Barbie.

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