Body Evolution – Model Before and After

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Time-lapse video shows the radical effect of photoshop on model’s body. The clip, created for, shows a girl turned into a bombshell glamor model with the help of a hair and make-up artist and of course, Photoshop.
Thanks to: Mike Annese (photographer), Emma Hack (hair and makeup), Tim Piper from Piro (director), Sally Gifford (talent). A viral ad of a model being transformed using photoshop as shown on Good Morning America and the Today Show. Created for the purpose of media education. Music track “Body Evoluion” by Friends of Monkeys, published by Monkey Dream LLC. Thanks to Dove for posting this on their social media page and building awareness. Dove’s before/after video is here: Like them on Facebook here:
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This video is licensed to President of the World and by the copyright owner (© Tim Piper 2012)
Music by Friends of Monkeys published by MonkeyDream ASCAP Ref 3581263


xxKawaiiCutenessxx Gaming says:

That’s ugly.. She looked human before the photo shop

Jessel Mendoza says:

She’s more beautiful without makeup.

Sarah Glynn says:

Hi really need help finding people to fill out my survey for body image needed for uni would love if you could help me out by answering 10 short questions thank you!

AceAccel Games says:

why you made the boobs smaller

Pro-Fact Frankingirl says:

No! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? She was gorgeous before! The Photoshop version looks disfigured.

Anonymous says:

lol bunch of triggered feminists and SJW’s in the comments

Stephanie Mai says:


R88 says:

which software is used in it … please tell me I really liked it.

Tyler Perez says:

I saw her boobs

Ben Liu says:

what is the music to this? I actually kind of like it

Youssef Fouad חולדה שמנה שאינה קיימת מתיחת שואה says:

You fucking ruined the picture

magster65 says:

Mother nature does better work than photoshop. She’s gorgeous ‘before’ and fake looking after.

HunterKiller says:

That’s not a girl that a computer.

Shogo Bass says:

The fraud of the modern world

Noel Laniel Talastas Dela Pena says:

huehuehue i crie evritiem

Jamie Johnson says:

Am I the only one that just doesn’t care how the picture began? Like let them edit it. If it looks amazing at the end, even better? No matter what age or time, teenagers are always going to think they are not good enough at some point. Like if I’m not the only one getting butthurt over people using photoshop. XD

Alias Yermukanov says:

is that adobe photoshop?
or different one?

kozak says:


Misu Adomnicai says:

we are basicaly faping to anime

asmighty 004 says:

she looked like a human before photoshopping which was way beautiful than her photoshopped picture. that photoshop destroyed her beauty into a computerized picture.

Lord Dennis says:

Pretty much all women fake themselves up every day with a shit ton of make-up. All the outraged spasticated women in the comments are sad, self-obsessed hypocrites.

John Nastrom says:

I liked the shorter fuller legs she had before. The after shot looks to unreal.

supahtyp says:

There is nothing original anymore in the end. Why didn’t they just paint a woman out of nothing?

Livvie Lucas says:

She looked really pretty when she posed the first time, after they did all that stuff to her skin, her neck was really long and her skin looked like porcelain it was honestly creepy, not pretty

Jimmy Walker says:

Can I do this to the wife

gelatnis says:

thats not photoshop

The Transceiver says:


Cortnie Bornyk says:

I really like this video and think it is so powerful. I would like to show this video to students. Could you please give me permission to do so?

Alex Pereira says:

What is beauty?
1. Ask a woman which actor is beautiful: Henry Cavill or Richard Kiel
2. Answered. Case closed.

gagan Kaur says:

kapre pala…… plz……… bebe gnd na Pao…… j rb ne dita te samb………. sale nangi jat…..

Gabby Diomand says:

I always love this for no reason

John Johnson says:

Who cares about another “disclaimer” on a product. Buyer beware! There is no truth in advertising any more. Call me a cynic if you like, but I prefer t call it pragmatism.

Maddi Pollard says:

Is it just me or does she kinda look like peeta mellark from the hunger games? At 0:50

Why its more Fun in the philippines says:

why people are mad over a model being Photoshop??? like hello … she`s a model.. appreciate the work art of the editor…. that was a very good performance sir or maam… maybe now a days only computer scie , it, webdesign, editors and ect. appreciates this kind of things…. and this mean people still and will always keep saying “fake!, ew, photoshop, she was beautiful before the photoshop, creepy long neck or legs, she look trash blah blah blah” -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-
the video is not a story telling about a fake beauty !!!!!!!!!! it`s about talent a skill of photoshop!!! it`s Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
still can`t move on! even though this video was uploaded in 2012

Yassine Saïdi says:

Actually the biggest “change” comes with the make-up and hairdressing. And I’m totally fine with it, let’s not be hypocrites, she looks a lot better with that !

Ella Craver says:

this is fucking disgusting

Hilma AndMyWeirdSoul says:

Why is just some ppl accepted being models cuz they’re not beautiful enough, and then the ones beautiful enough get this done? Sorry for bad english.

Candy Fiend says:

1. I am a model and they DO NOT put this much makeup on you ESPECIALLY if you are a swimsuit model
2. No company will hire you if they have to photoshop you this much
3. This is just people putting others down to make themselves feel better -.-

kennymiyoshi says:


gagan Kaur says:

bullshit. ……..thuuuuu…

chilluminati says:

what kind of software is this? I’m sure it’s not Photoshop

zakius says:

She looked best before getting hair done…

陳耀璋 says:

What kind software can make this, it powerful than photoshop !!!

Llama Lørd21 says:

She look like a Barbie doll

Enderton Broken says:


Lapis Lazuli says:


005Amergin says:

The media always lies to the people..that’s why honest journalists have to tow the line or no contracts or they somehow go missing..

Shannian Shannian says:

i want to know what the application is。

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