Black Owned Makeup Brands MATTER!! Full Face Makeup Tutorial

Full face of makeup using only products from black owned comapanies! I was ashamed when I realized I had ZERO products from black owned brands. So, I went out and bought as much as I could find and filmed myself using them! I hope more people do this!

Check out Alissa Ashley’s video here:

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Star Lace Wigs – Short Curly Ashy Blonde Lace Front Wig Dark Root Side Part Heat Safe

Lena Lashes – Fredrique

Black Radiance – Artisan Color Baked Blush, Toasted Almond

IMAN Cosmetics – Luxury Contour Trio

Black Radiance – True Complexion Contour Palette, Light To Medium

Black Radiance – Full Effect Mascara

Sacha Cosmetics – Buttercup Flash-Friendly, Camera-Ready Face Powder For Multicultural Women.

Black Opal – Deluxe Finishing Powder, Neutral Light

Black Opal – Flawless All-Over Concealer, Beautiful Bronze

Black Opal – True Color Creme Stick Foundation Spf 8, Heavenly Honey

Black Radiance – Body Building Mascara Black

Lena Lashes – Dimma

Black Radiance – Eye Appeal Eyeliner, Beautiful

Black Radiance – Fine Line Liquid Eyeliner Pen, Black

Black Opal – Color Splurge Eyeshadow Duo – Tawny Tease

Coloured Raine – Ginger Bread

Aj Crimson – Universal Finishing Powder

Aj Crimson – Ajc Dual Skin # 2

IMAN Cosmetics – Perfect Eyebrow Pencil, Blackest Brown

Black Radiance – Eye Appeal Shadow Collection, Island Blues

IMAN Cosmetics – Under Cover Agent Oil Control Primer

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Gergof4 , says:


Franklin Sukmynutz says:

loved the blue highlight in your inner corners. new sub! you are fucking gorgeous! <3

Mrs .Tilhia Florence says:

Thanks for the tips, I love your hair.

George Washington says:

I get it but should we be buying peoples products simply based on the companys owners skin color?? Doesnt seem practical to me or beneficial.

Erykah says:

fashion fair

naturallymin Styles says:

love it def 1 of my faves. thanks for sharing

Debbie Carter says:

God that’s TOO MANY STEPS for the DEBSTER….I am 61 & seriously simplified… my Brows, add my ARDELL Whispies lashes and some lip gloss…bam…and I’m good to go…..BUT YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING FABULOUS GURL!!! Wow!

OKeba Ra says:

Nice tutorial. Pretty look. And 3 cheers to you for highlighting BLACK OWNED products!!! I totally agree with your intro to the vid. ~UK

Kash Kreates says:

This make up look is EVERYTHING! #BombT

Damary G says:

I don’t know if you knew but sacha is also not black owned its East Asian or Indian owned

khep23 says:

I think it’s great to support black owned makeup brands but I don’t care what skin color the owner of a makeup company has, if they are willing to create products that fit everyone. L’oreal USA, Revlon, and Nars, and Bobbi Brown are some of the best brands for women of color but none are owned by black people. Honestly, I’m just so happy to even find my shade at a drugstore that I really don’t care if the person that made it shares my complexion.

Forever Hienn says:

I use black brand makeup and they are amazing link the foundation

C'est Moi says:

I LOVE dark skin tones so much!! Tanned “african looking” girls are always fuckig perfect! This beauty is incredible. Xoxo sarah.

Reina hosein says:

Ruby Kisses is a bomb ass brand and its affordable!

Angel johnson says:

Ok fuck white owned companies. I can’t find a single shade of ANYTHING in my damn skin colour, fuck that I’m not spending my money on companies that don’t care to cater to people of my skin colour. Gonna start supporting black owned companies that will cater to ME

stew360 says:

this ” black own ” or black vs white , them vs us and crap like this is actually racist you should not buy product base on wich color of the skin the owner as its racist to do so … you buy product that are good or not good …

Ayanna Sarr says:

I have to say, black radiance is the best makeup brand. you can even find it at Walmart and its pretty cheap

Stefan Slim says:

All you ugly bitches just slap it on jus makes you stink of something even if not ah ain’t fuckin ya no way ruin all my clothes. Wtf


beautiful face

Emoji Face says:

❤ you hair

Victoria Dennis says:

You are so funny! You are having a blast, lol.

Erykah says:

can you try Destiny Jones illmatic glosses please

les0676 says:




Nazz says:

I need suggestions on other black owned online companies that ship to Canada please.

LadyKet says:

Do they sell the AJ crimson in stores?

Sufaiya Patel says:

wig is sold out.
do you have any alternativesfor this wig?


u look great. luv ur channel. ur skin wow.

Spacewitch says:

My biggest thing is are they cruelty free??

Shayna Angelique says:

Omg!! I love love LOVE that blue shadow and brown lip.. dopeness

Nerysmarie Lowe says:

I loved this makeup look and the meaning behind it xx

Hailey Peters says:

ok but like no one ever said it didnt matter sooo why you gotta go on here acting like everyone is against you when 99% of ppl buying makeup buy for the product and have no idea of who even makes it

Mag Boy says:

i find that if one brow is darker running your spoolie thru concealer then thru the brow Or powdering it works to lighten

jennifer heidinger says:

who else gets hype when it’s highlight time

Living In NaNa Land says:

She posted this on m Bday!

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