Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Celia Sancho says:

Como se llama la canción k sale en el minuto 4:11 ? Pliss decirme

Jeremy Anderson says:

You girls are so pretty when my grandma wach you guys she ses every girl is so pretty☺

Benny Ignacio says:


Haysa Ghiragossian says:

I am tired of this song plz put some trendy songs not this crap

Eliyahmae Cabudoy says:

Its hard to do your make up if your nails are long

Di Ci says:

tbh some of them looked trangender-scary-yellow/orangy-ish with the makeup on.

Rattikorn Heaney says:


liana hill says:


Juntima ln-Unmuay says:


see me says:
Buy colored eye contact

Hirendra Noursai says:

5:58 I would like to follow you on youtube
I just love the way you apply your foundation.

ちゃんスカロライナ says:

00:02 что за песня?

Raheela Afzal says:

I like your video so much

Mary An Ilustre says:

What song?

Official alysa villania says:

Tiis ganda!!

Gita Syawalani says:

What music is it?

Jungkookie forever !!! says:

Please change the musiccccccccc!!!!!

Jeremy Anderson says:

And it does not mater if its the same song what if they really like that song

Poonan Rani says:

So cool

Diana Garibello says:

Love the songs i need to know the name of them

KawaiiSUGARandUnicornz says:

same song in every video but i love the first song it really flows smoothly with the awesome makeup being done

Ahmad Abid says:

What is second song name ??

Reginald Brown says:

My new music video is ” You Must have Style”..I wrote it for Janet Jackson…Show some support.

TheStongestUnicorn Squad11 says:

What r these songs called

Cloudy Cutegamer says:

Can u just change the music!!! Its the same every make up videos its the same song!

Andrea Gomez says:

4:13 la miniatura, de nada ❤.

lol kok says:

Amazing video you can see these amazing make up brushes online now just follow the link –

Lucia Plancarte says:

Same music on all makeup videos

YT_JoanaPlays says:

They always use that song can you please change the song i hate it

karina karina says:


Laila Awadh says:

Is there any other music then this one???????

Di Ci says:

Damn these people be putting make up like its paint

Amanda Garcia says:

yo can we please please PLEASE change the playlist for these videos please?? I’m so sick of the music but i love these videos. please change the music

Di Ci says:

that black girl did it righttt

Madalynn Barrigar says:

Love the song❤️

Dolores Quintero says:

Same songs

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