Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Sammie Petri says:

Where can I buy all the Huda Beauty pallets in one like in 4:03 ?

Anastasija L says:

° ^ °

صبا علي says:

اول وحده تشبه ميرا ستارز الي معي لايك

Fran Camm says:

5:45 has watched a few videos and thought hey, I can do that. No hunni, you can’t

Allnime Best shop for girls says:

Amazing shop for woman that won’t break the bank

Kimberly Thibodeaux says:

I really like your channel! Always great advice!

Holla Galll says:

5:34 she looks pale af

Ana :D says:

I just uploaded a video by makeup my eyes, please see it

Paulina Sifontes says:

Follow in Ig: @alfredo_stylist ❤ we love it

Fernanda Figueroa says:

2:59 se parese a maqui015

Madi Beauty says:

4:40… STOP

Bella Enbysk says:

Every girl is butiful jest the way they are know matter what

Thomas Triplets says:

The second song is from the janoskians


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Angel Hopes says:

8:45 is it me or can you still see the white powder on her face??

Boop Loop says:

Second one looks sooo cakey.

xXpurple24Xx says:

damn the girl at 5 minutes, that does the blue eyeshadow did her makeup well. I was suprised when I first saw it, I though she had put to much foundation on her face, but she blended it really well.

Sophie Sapp says:

Love the music

Wengie says:

The music was so bad

Emma Carr says:

J O S E F I N A F U N says:

My little sister is starting a new channel, here’s the link

Viri E says:

subscribe to my makeup channel!!!!!

Auzencio Fernandes Lesu says:


Connie Shealy says:

Am I the only one that thought some of these were super cringy

Be Natural Beauty with Esther says:

Second one is horrible

Haleemah says:

All of u guys r my gorg gyals I luv u all so much u just make me happy n ur all so talented n don’t listen to the haters coz there just jealous of yall also don’t stop making these vids coz of the haters. Btw I’m not writing all this because I want replies and likes from famous people im just doing this coz what I wrote is true n if u read this then plzzz make sure the haters don’t let u down

Xxx keep up the good work my gorg gyals from haleemah ali xoxox

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