Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Juliana .m says:

I love the 1st one

An S_Yan says:

03:24 sooo uglyy

Leyla says:

3:34 what a bad makeup

あししいたけzeroまる says:


khan family says:

This song is not good.

Mrs.wufan BYG says:

3rd mua was so cringey to watch -_-

Gabriela Cervantes says:

Por eso les apesta la cabeza a las negras

Gunny Gambino says:

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Farha Naaz says:

kitni buri h yr girls

Vinga Ter-borch says:

I hate the music!! Srry but.. im leaving

Yuri Plisetsky says:

3rd girl XD

Hyra 101 says:

Lasse is a man

Sadiya Banu says:

Awesome music

make up my life says:

Evryone is beautifully in their own way

Ri heb says:

There is no one of them that she had her own natural face

Gabrielle Delacour says:

Song 1:00?

kathe linares says:

What is the name of that song?

Isabeli Costa says:

2:00que boba

Gabriela Cervantes says:

They don’t look natural

kefaya Abu Al ezz says:

Pleas take back the old music

jennivato says:

it’s so weird when people try to be funny in these videos. just do your makeup and go

Kim Sallee says:

100th comment

Isabella Bedard says:

Omfg I understand why these girls NEED makeup sheesh there faces look like shit

Gabriela Cervantes says:

Btw those lips are fake

Kira Pinson says:

My little sister: is dat nicki minaj???
My little sister: *starts singing Barbie Dreams*

Juliana .m says:


bethany espinoza says:

1:50 ummmm

Paulina Sifontes says:

Follow @alfredo_stylist proffesional stylist ❣

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