Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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everything by me says:


Xiomara Molina says:

Por favor volvé a la música que ponías antes

Zaliya Khan says:

Second girl’s skin was already flawless

Natali Ugrina says:


that weird girl says:

These are pretty!

Renee Cheney says:

I like the music although it gets boring &’ annoying when you play it in every video

jaja lebom says:

Am I the only straight guy who watch this kind of video? (It’s very satisfying)

ShOoK PoTaTo says:

1:27 reminds me of that guy that’s in the wheelchair in nightmare before Christmas

emeli fuentes says:

Like si estas acostado
Like si estas leyendo este comentario en la mente

Actual BTS trash ._. says:

00:15 this song is in skate three!

HannahSLife 267 says:

I just wanna day girls if you see this I think you should just throw away all your makeup because you are beautiful no matter what. You don’t need makeup your beautiful and amazing. #YouDontNeedMakeup #YourBeautiful

Simply Celeszte says:

Not very good music…

Karolina Kerli says:

10:25 what is this song called

Mambegay Joof says:

Back to the old song plz

Vildah says:


Caroline Cooke says:

Good job!!!

Kah Souza says:

I Love ♥♥Isa

Hershe entertainment Video resume says:


Rei Rei says:

new music lmao

Vanesa Martinez says:

New music bring back the OG cold blooded love plz

Vívia Cândida says:

missing cold blooded love

It's Sarah lol says:

The old music was better just sayin

Ayesha Chaudhry says:

0:0 what is the first song called

Marina Sanchez Gachuz says:

amo sus vídeos

Raisa Rahman says:

pls change the music.It 8s baddd

Marion Carolan says:

I’m first

Empress Loves Sans says:

10:39 Once again, this girl needs to wear somo cool colors. We get pink is your fav color, but you dont have to wear it everytime.

꽃잎 says:

4:47초 BGM 노래 뭐에요?
선댓 부탁해요 제발요 노래제목이뭐에요오?

soulareine du78 says:


Athimine B. says:

I love highlighter but sometimes… Too much for me xD

#Alane Araújo says:


Marina Ausejo Rubert says:

I love all the makeups

Sarah Jk says:

Please the old music again

chamsedin guiri says:

the music is verry bad

Dr. Whales says:

I like the new music way more

Apollyon&Abaddon says:

May just be my personal preference, but I feel like a few of them are using darker foundation than they need

Gigi Larson says:

love it

Patricia Arias says:

Sinceramente esta música no me gusta

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