Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Hannah Mae says:

Who is the girl at 6:14??

Lydia James says:

Would this vid class as copyrighting

Cecille Urbano says:

What is the title of the song in 6:12

LPSinfinity says:

I’m sorry I just found it funny how the first girls index nail was broken off and she was kinda tryna hide it lol

Very Suspicious says:

They all lookin like a whole snack

Elena Ovalle says:

1:16 me

amanda taylor says:

Dont have a job and want to earn some money .Here it is !

عواشه TV says:

ثالث وحده تجنن❤

javeria asim says:

First one is very bad … seriously so much foundation???

monisha baby says:

Without nose ring u look more beautiful try once

Lydia James says:

Can I get a heart for this comment plz btw love ur vids❤️❤️❤️❤️

Quey Angelene Nueva Espana says:

I feel ugly watching this

The glitter girl says:

I love this channel so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

edilene maria da silva oliveira says:

Essa segunda mulher é feia

Melly.Del.Rey says:

Who’s the girl in the very first part of the video? I’ve seen her vids on fb and I wanna know her channel

BINXX theKat says:

This bish covers up all her beautiful freckles to draw on some shitty ones….? What the actual fuck..?

Dodo Ali says:

أقوى شي الدقيقة 3:21

Olalala hih says:

1:53 boy or girl?

Mawi Mawi says:


it's xenos says:

Jesus Christ woman you don’t NEED anymore highlighter

dikshant negi says:

Makeup is an art…and u r damn awesome at it

Wesh says:

New songs?? Yas girrrrllll

Courtney Blackner says:

The fact that people still use Huda beauty products makes me sick. She is a theif and stole someone elses product all the way down to the photoshoot and didnt even acknowledge it when she was called out. Dont buy from a theif who stole a complete idea from a struggling single mother/breast cancer survivor!!!! I will never support someone like that. Js. On a happier note, the girl at 5:02 has PERFECT skin and i am super jealous.

Selena Sanchez says:

Am I the only who is surprised that this is the first makeup complication video I’ve seen that has different music ?

Min _Dope _Genius _ says:


Texas Robinson says:

Love this so much. Love supporting fellow youtubers that put so much work into their videos!

gracie da savage says:

Love the girl at 5:48❤❤❤

Melly.Del.Rey says:

Why didn’t they put links to all the channels? :/

super cynder says:

Those of you that think they need makeup too look beatiful, you already are with or without makeup!


Quién es la colorá de los girasoles?

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