Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Rae Bae says:

Man I wish i could have someone do makeup or I could master it on my first try so I could look pretty

TheOfficialGlobglogabgalab says:

I swear to the lords if I hear the same songs on one more beauty compilation I am going to lose my ever loving mind.

Abby Swearingen says:

I like the makeup but it just looks to oily

Samantha. says:


Issa_Abby _Baby says:

Is it just me or am i getting more ads than usual

Alyssa Ryuk says:

What are those Lil mermaid brushes?

Renata Morais says:


Lindsey Pooh says:

Who’s the girl at 5:29

• э666ли • says:

Русские топ!

Dawatha Brown says:

Anyone have a link to “thefashionfreakk” page… I mean like her skin is flawless… Do she really need makeup lol

Carloos vlog says:

Omg k love mekeup

Jo Singh says:

4:01 :0

Alanna Stamm says:

1:50 those eyebrows……..


Itzel Leyva says:

it’s always the same song

Cléclou lbst says:

Why always the same song?

Natalie Mcmillin says:

Check out and trly makeup from Arbonne!

mikee Banguit says:

iliked first

Irma Kesetovic says:

Song 00:00 please

miaa says:

i dont get how they keep good skin along with putting on so much make up like ik make up doesnt 100% cause acne but christ they do wear alot

Marina Chorapinowa says:

Which one is the first

Tisha R says:

So are y’all gonna change the music or na???


Dose anybody else get halfway through thease vid and then click somthing else then like five min later watch the rest of it lol

Cindy Vinajetro says:

Omg I love makeup tutorial and lip tutorial

soyeon grande says:

Am i the only one who doesn’t know this song name?

jessi ro says:

switch it up with the songs every once & a while, hm? *please.*


Μy favourite makeup artest is melly sancez

Francisca Bravo says:

Love these

Leah Jenkins says:

Some of them look so greasy

Insanity Reality says:


Nadine Tinkle says:

try again

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