Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Margaret Jablonska says:

All these bitches are ugly…
Give it 10 years and they’ll look 40 with early wrinkles and lines… Result of wearing heavy makeup daily

Laurita Garza ! says:


jayn says:

please keep the old music not the kpop

Daniela Pacheco says:

Soo cutee first one 0:02

Marija V. says:


Sis Bro says:

name of the songs

Krystle Charles says:

beautiful makeup

8.4M Views says:

Hi friends, im a newly rising life hacks channel and i was hoping you guys would support me. Thanks babes ♡♡

Nazneen Sk says:

I love makeups

Gungun Chikne says:

Thank for keeping music

Sumaira Nadeem says:

from the chaalan bodmon ziad

Amena bootwala says:

Please change the fucking background music!

Júlia kálmán says:

Top much makeup

Rosy Lora says:

2:56 is adorable

zApple769 says:

All these women are beautiful with and without make up!! I love how talented they all are ^_^

Tsunamidestroyer Kuudere says:

why do makeup videos always have the music i want to listen to? lol

ImSorry says:



T Shreya says:

Its very nice but plzz switch to another music

บัวบาน อวนศรี says:

0.01 what song??

Get Music says:

cool music

Minnie Moo The Cat says:

Change the music!!!

Kathleen Jeon says:

Background music??

Trisha Beardy says:

What are these song’s called?

laiba Rao says:

Is there bodmon zaif in this video???

hafiz ahmed says:

I watch bodman zaid she’s Muslim

Paige Murphy says:

im watching this with my younger sister and she just said “She’s beautiful anyway why is she putting on makeup.” Bless my little sister.

Emily baby got back says:

wow wow www

Grace Eckson says:

Who decided. Every makeup complication. Has the same. Music

Margaret Jablonska says:

Why do all these females Glop on so much makeup it literally makes them look like fake doll clowns or drag dolls…
Way to much makeup

โจ โจ้ says:



You are fantastic

Cute Fairy says:

U should change song it’s not good one every time one song

Raven says:

stop playing these shitty over used songs in every video. fml

Ana says:

Anyone else extremely annoyed by the same freaking music

Tanjina Tanji says:

can anyone tell me name of the song?1st one

Sophie Lewis says:

The girl at 6:45 had a different shade of foundation it didn’t match her neck I personally think she is beautiful without makeup like every one else. THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT.

Sumaira Nadeem says:

Is this first girl was laiba

Subhan Ahmed Khan says:

Koi aur song nahi hai???

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