Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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imran saeed says:

the same one again and again

mrs. Devries-Lenehan says:

4:25 Song?

imran jadoon says:


laiza murati says:

Pls stop using cold blooded love! Im un subbing , i cznt watch a damn video

Kathrine Lehmann-Poulsen says:

what fuckin song

Honeyma Batawi says:

The First! Name In Instagram?

GCC TaeTae says:

Always the same fucking song. It’s the reason why I stopped watching beauty videos

Grace Thomas-Evans says:

Love the first one

table says:

Eye brow tutorial at

Jenna Currie says:

Why does it always start with the same old song

Bayleigh Fisher says:

Did anyone notice that none of these girls blend foundation in their necks so it looks like they are wearing a mask?

Kelly Hamilton says:

Who ever makes these videos please change up the music

Kelvin A. says:

check out ladies

D M says:

It sucks none of these girls look like this in person P.S the third girl’s mouth freaks me out


i am the #lategamewhowithme?

Jaz Up My Style says:

Cool video

fuchsia - says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t really have a problem with the songs

tracey frier says:

keep using bts songs

Steph Ganus says:

Use bts songs next time please


The girl at 1:00 looks gross asf, js.

Allyana XXX88XXX says:

3:10 looks like Naomi Uso

K - everything says:

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Crazy Kara says:

I love your videos but please use different music..

It's Eva Hunnie says:

gorgeous look check out my first makeup video

Cha'Aem Channal says:

Tell me what song is this song?

Lisa Timbreza says:

I love it all

Joshila Rahman Joty says:

The first girl was looking like Ariana Grande

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Get Music says:

cool musik

Damsel says:

cold bloodied love and savannah are probably the most stress causing songs

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