Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Balhoudi Yasmin says:

ممكن اشتراك
قناتي تحتوي على فيديوهات مكياج
كما اني اصور فلم رعب مع بعض الممثلين
(جديد ٢٠١٨)

sanane sanane says:

I feel sick, i do not makeup)):

Agnes Goldberg says:

What with the pink and red on your eye makeup. It’s so not attractive. Never been a big fan. And way too much highlighting.

Ehm aus Empöringen says:

They all look the same. It’s so boring.

Cuteness Dz says:

Abonnés ++ plaise

Ray Bics says:

The seconds pretty the way she is o wait no poor that makup on put it on girl

Esmeralda Garcia says:

cute makeup I do my makeup all the time its so pretty I look pretty with makeup all the time

Fanny Saucedo says:

Was it just me that every girl was so beautiful and talented?? Like if u agree

Jogando com Dulce Maria says:

3:51 nome da musica?

Kathryn Wyvern says:

When you see the white light in their eyes you know they are using a ringlight

JJ B says:

They put a colour on their face before covering it all with foundation for a lighter or darker face with a bit of gloss and shadows on the forehead for example

The official Amanda Martin says:

3:57 when your mom lets you play with her makeup

maggie ngali says:

Niiiccceee . Though some of this people already have makeup on like the first one

Neetu Rawal says:

Konsa foundation use karte ho

Infinity Girl says:


wherethedamnpopcornat says:

0:06 why use so much foundation when you have perfect acne free skin like wtf



Ella Le Guillou says:

allwayse the same song
but love your videos

Faezzia Faeddolin says:

what song is this

Ideas & Diys says:

plz have a look on my channel

CC Mor says:

I used to hate Cold Blooded Love from hearing it so much but now im used to it n don’t mind it at all. I actually really like hearing it in these videos lol

Cecy says:

Porque hace esas caras? la mujer asiática del minuto 3:26
Cual es la necesidad de hacer eso

hafsa lokita says:


bethany dines says:


Shuka Beauty says:

Produit Make up et mincueur pas cher !

irshad khan says:

Not my type it’s okay

Do Ro says:

The first ones had so Thik lips

Lillu Baba says:

Music: Cold Blooded Love

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