Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Savage Maram says:

Is the first model a guy just asking

kiwifruit 69 says:

Interesting fact: beauty blenders are good but if u use them for a certain amount of time without replacing them because of the bacteria if u cut them in half u get little bugs in them

Gon Tran says:

Anyone knows the 4th girl’s info? plz tell me, she looks so gorgeous 😮

Skye’s World says:

All of these people have such clear skin and they wear makeup everyday probably and I love make up I just barely wear it yet my skin is so far from clear

Quin Bae says:

The name of the song plz

Diana Viñanzaca says:

Pero cuàndo se colocar el blush en Los cachetes porq no sea Clarita rojitos

Fedrick Mylliemngap says:

first woman look like a man

Madhusmita Hazarika says:

The frst model was a man I thought


First song ?

Ivy Herrera says:

Is the 1st one a dude

Anushka HALMANYAR says:

Not their gender

Sumona sayuri says:

whats the name of this background song?? can any1 plss tell me!!!

Rae Mata says:

What’s the first song called?

hally dai says:

hi.I hope to cooperate with you,Can you contact me?my email is

Zachary T says:

subscribe on my channel pleane i’m new in make up

LM YR says:

Is the first person a man?

Anushka HALMANYAR says:

U should never differentiate between the gender and all

Slime Kid says:

Thank god for volume down button, this music is horrendous

Luiza Pessoa Spindola says:


his His says:

Here’s your chance to win a Free Kylie LipKit.Just follow the steps on the

Popytherobloxstar :p says:

the first one is a man 😐

Sarat kumar Sahoo says:

Can I know the name of this song

T L says:

Chick at 2:30.. the fuk r u doing

Mira MakeUp And Art says:

I loved the white choker in first one…

Anisha Gadre says:


Jessica Cleveland says:

Is there a makeup compilation in existence without this music?

Gazta Rachmanto says:

6.14 cantik

Luiza Pessoa Spindola says:

same music

Samantha says:

What does putting red lipstick before foundation do

Anushka HALMANYAR says:

My channel name is anushka halmanyar

Esther Nahon says:

What are all the songs used in this video??

Lavender Pine says:

The first one was definely a guy

Possible Covers says:

Why do all these vids have the same songs?

Julia Martin says:

2:53 she’s gorgeous

genesis jhoana medrano fraga says:

please song’s the BTS

Anushka HALMANYAR says:

U hav see thier natural beaty

Anushka HALMANYAR says:

Everyone is cute

NaSha Barros says:

u guys r so pritty i wish i could be that pritty like if u agree

Izzie G. says:

8:28 her HAIR is goals #unicornhair

Lydia Myers says:

I don’t wear makeup, but I hate when people are like, “Hey stop lying to us with all that makeup!” Well I’m sorry, but if you assumed I just have naturally purple eyelids that’s just your fault

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