Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Alexandra says:

4:25 which Morphee pallette did she useee omg slay

ela says:

do the yodel kid remix

Ashley Jones says:

Makeup is to enhance your features, not cover them the fuck up! Jesus.

Sophie Masterson says:

The girl on 4:20 is wayyyyyy to orange!!

Ray Walker says:

The ppl have big lip injections

Alaine Princess says:

3:33 what’s the song title?

Kayleigh Raviscioni says:

All I saw were plastic lips and fake eyebrows.

My world says:

2nd one looking beautiful without lipstick

Gina Wang says:

Can i ask the name of the first song

Sarah Williams says:

“Girl” at 6:08 looks like a guy

Karime Ruiz says:

I loved 2:10 I watched the entire complation like about 15 times

Shineth Leonardo says:

what is the music background used in this video?

eunice reyes says:


BBS Makeup Compilation says:

Pass on my channel is full of makeup tutorials ❤️

Pawan Gupta says:

The white girl scared me

taehyung says:

5:02 she is the sma ecolor as her hairrrrrrr

eunice reyes says:




Shiney Makeup says:

Beautiful makeup i love it girl ❤

Isela Pena says:

The power of makeup

Alice Pms says:

whats the first song???

Victoria Jones says:

At 4:52 she should have kept the cat ears on. But she’s still pretty either way so no hate.

Stay.weird? ¿ says:

Why does every makeup compilation have the same background music????

LexiPlayz Roblox1 says:

I really liked this video it helped me alot

РОЗИКО 9191 says:


Kimberly Chown says:

These videos are so satisfying and I love the music ☺️

taehyung says:

1:54 who told you that this was ggood?? it made you look 20 years older than what you are

Amanda Skoczek says:

Love this video❤ check her new video:

MangoKawaiiGamer Hi says:

4:00 @?

The Alien says:

The first one had me dying with the meme pointing at the thing she used

babywisdom says:

not 1 dark skin person in this video …… smh

Luisa Zelaya says:

4:03 😮

Zu Music says:

I hate this misic

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