Best Makeup Transformations 2018 | New Makeup Tutorials Compilation

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Jackie - RaeRae says:

The best ones are always

Audrina says:

what a great idea to put together these videos,,,,,,, good job

Makeup of women says:

Wellcom To My Chaine ✌✌

_ Bambi says:

first song? plzzz

tam tips290 says:

Me encanto el vídeo ojala algún día los vídeos de mi canal sean vistos por alguien saludos

fabulous queen says:

Yass!! The 2nd girl (Naomi jonzeck) is beautiful af

Logan Farman says:

3:54 was best part

Nimo Shabbir says:

Why they destroy their skin by sooooo much tattos

kitte min says:

A única coisa que sei fazer é um delineado cagado e.. É,é só isso

Fancy724 says:

1:23 that girl back then had a musically

kerttu niemi says:

initiative extreme OK spin way responsible God proceed onto.

Isabel Ramos says:

Me encanta cuando se maquilla la gordita ♥

patriciavlogs,s preda says:

Beautiful makeup

Kaley Nonya says:

Its the same song over and over it gets boring change the song please

Adila Dauhoo says:


No One says:

too many ads…

Braulio Morelos says:

Puedes aser de uñas

Take a look at jhope’s Finger nails says:

NABELA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Italian Freak says:

And my sister tells me I wear to much foundation.


Doesn’t the first girl have amazing skin

생강 says:

love the video but hate the audio…

Sadie Yang says:

Don’t u have any other songs and stop playing them over and over

i Consigli di Ciccio says: visitate questo link nuovo canale d make up

i wow i love gh says:

Love. u

Ayla Purdy says:

the first one actually had good humor an wasn’t just extra

Vlogging Girl says:

1st one was funny and beautiful!!!

Mahdi Atique says:

প্রথম টা বাদে সব মালিনি

Rose BlackNWhite says:

If I do those I will look like a clown about to host a 3 years old Birthday

Franz Castro says:


Allisyn Chavez says:

The first girl needs to lose weight

Tiffany Quensel says:

Can u PUT in What songs u use in the diskription

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