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Beginners Talk Through Makeup Tutorial + What’s new at the drugstore – so glad to be back with a mondaymakeuplesson, if you’re happy they are back too LIKE the video, it would mean so much to me!! 🙂

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Makeup Tutorial 2016

Beginner Makeup Lesson #themakeupchairhandbook

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I’m Sinead (Shin-aid) or people call me Sineady and I live in Ireland, I’ve been making videos since 2010 and I have a book called TheMakeupChair Handbook, I’m a makeup artist in real life (Not taking new bookings at the moment though) If you wish to contact me – business email is or just to chat or request a video email is Thank you so much for watching and please comment, like and subscribe Thanks 🙂


Anissa Gonzalez says:

You look so different very pretty! How do uou have such nice skin i hVe breakouts and lottle bumps

lanni13 says:

Lovely look, u look beautiful 🙂 can u please tell us the shade of this Catrice foundation? It seems amazingly yellow, I need that :)))) thank you.

Jolie Blair says:

You are so good

Kate Smith says:

What’s the best way to remove foundation from your hairline without making it look all flat and oily?

kat2910 says:

I don’t know if this was intentional but I love how most of these products are cruelty free. It can be so hard to find cruelty free makeup on a budget! 🙂

M Mom says:

I, too, watched it all the way thru. Informative without being too long. Seems easy to follow and NOT expensive makeup. Thank you!!

Bushra Denno says:

You’re so sweet ! I love how you take what your subscribers suggests/ask seriously! Almost 1 million ! Love xx

Yvonne Stack says:

Thanks so much. I love the way you explain in detail but sort of like short and sweet but I can do it myself afterwards.. You really help us normal “non makeup artist” women look great!!!! Your efforts adds to our lives oxox

Shari Barrere says:

I love all of your videos. You always give great tips, while sticking to detail. I am always learning something new from you so thank you and keep up the good work.

Roohiya Ctg says:

what if I apply both the powder and the setting spray?

Doeneseya says:


Cathy Martirez says:

I love your tutorials….can you make a tutorial of koreans makeup???

Techie Partoriza says:

You deserve morw subbies.

Laura Love says:

Definitely some great tips for beginners!! I wish I had this video when I was first starting out!! Hahah loved the video 🙂 can’t wait to see more 🙂 ❤️

Lauren M says:

You resemble Eva Longoria so much in the thumbnail I had to do a double take

Zahoor Ahmed says:

Yess I miss yoou

Abigail Nelson says:

Your vids are so helpful cuz I not good at makeup at all

Jehan Gumangan says:

i always love videos with short introduction..thumbs up!

Sophie Ekins says:

It sounds so strange hearing an american person say the word ‘primark’

Ellie Loves dominick says:

With this make up you look like Kim kardasian

Janine Magdangal says:

OMG, ur face is so clear now..

Lynn Sniger says:

Love your videos, but I have very sweaty hot flashes, could you do a video with recommendations for me

séñorà Youśsrā says:

love u ^^

Camisha says:

I absolutely LOVE watching your videos! 🙂 You explain things so thoroughly and give great advice on different features of the face. I’ve learned so much watching you. Thank you so much!

Shari Lefler says:

where can I get Catrice products? I live in the U.S.

Squidward says:

Hey guys does anyone know if the f20 is similar to (or gives similar results as) the Real Techniques stippling brush? Or the elf one?

Gita J says:

Please lovely, will you try to speak a little more clear for us who hasn’t English as our native language. We also want to learn from your great videos so – please……

Brie Ann Drozd says:


Raya Bahian says:

been wanting to watch an updated monday makeup lesson!!!! finally <3

moonchild says:

i never understand why they do that markings on the eyeshadow… its so wrong… who do they consult with these things… an evil makeup artist?

Brianna Coville says:

I actually love this tutorial! Thank you so much!!!!

Rebecca Donkin says:

This actually really helped

Brandi Childs says:

Seriously those Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel are my life, they are amazing! However, I can never find the ones I want when I go to get them!

•Nishi Patel• says:

So basically I got tan on vacation and now I have white spots on my face where my original skin color is coming back. I can’t seem to cover it with BB cream or covergirl foundation that I use. Also most foundation that I use seems cloudy or greyish. Like its not matching. I’ve tried so many brands and shades. Can someone please help! Thx!! (Maybe it’s the lightings Of the area where I apply it in)?

Heini P says:

can you tell me the shade of this Foundation that you´re using in this video? thanks!

Swati Khedkar says:

You are so simple and cute… You are too good !

Chelsea Jade Conroy says:

Serving Kourtney Kardashian Realness in the thumbnail honey! 🙂

Nicky Edwards says:

Not very good for beginners, too complicated

K N says:

no accent? impressive

Chloe AH says:

Is walmart a drugstore?

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