Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow

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For Today’s #MondayMakeupLesson we are talking how to blend and and how to use a blending brush. Different ways to hold the brush and how that will change the application. How far to blend eyeshadow and more. Let me know if you’d like more details on anything I have covered and check out my favourite blending brushes below.

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Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth ►

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger ►

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Blending Brushes
For Small Eyes – E10 –

Deep Set Eyes – E42 –

Prominent Eyes – E25 –

Very Larger Eyes – F28 –

My Favourite blending brush –

My other Favourite –

Glitter Helene Sticky Toffee
and Fixing Gel

Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow


joann aquino says:

Love your videos as always❤❤❤

Yael Fleur says:

This is the best video I have ever seen ❤️.

R Morita says:

Super easy to follow instructions, which of those could teach me straightforwardly that this makeup would never look right on my single eyelids with folding-in edges.

Dara J Makeup says:

love this look! giving me great vibes and ideas to get creative with on my makeup channel! love it!

Tanja Petties says:

Happy New Year ✨✨✨ thanking the person who liked my comment..Sincerely Tanja

SoSassy By Jazzy says:

Can you do a makeup for little girls?

M W says:


Christine Bailon says:

très jolie

zen 25 says:

I feel like with yr voice, u could do ASMR

Ms. Ezmirelda says:

So beautiful!!!

Krithika Shelvarajen says:

Hey upload videos on makeup look that is suitable for all skin types & how to find perfect nude nail polish for different skin tones please

Felicia C. says:

Glitter, makeup, and ASMR in one video…is this heaven?

Rashida Ahmed says:

this is very beautiful and useful!!!

Sehrish Sheikh says:

Your voice is soothing, Masha Allah. ♡

Cherry Lane Monroe says:

Sineady, I usually love all your videos, but this one I really go against. Glitter is so bad for the environment and not to mention your eyes. I have perfect vision and I would never jeopardize that. I still love your channel, just not any with glitter. Happy New year! OH! And I just ordered some of your brushes, can’t wait to get them here in California!

Amna Amna says:

Such a relaxing voice

Joanne Dagostim Cunha says:

Most of my glitters are pressed and I have a hard time picking them up with a brush. Any tricks for applying glitter with fingers? Thank you so much!

KatieBugC 24 says:

This is my first vid I watched and even up close ur pretty and have a sweet relaxing voice.

Tina Marie says:

Thanks for the instructions, the why’s and why nots, and not just doing!

April May Hutch says:

I love love love this look!!!

Krithika Shelvarajen says:

Finally I found a best channel for eye makeup tips

Holly Lake says:

Ooh! So pretty! Glad the lady talked you into it.

Adriana Ramirez says:

I swear you have such a soft nice voice! Kinda reminded me of bob ross lol

Rainbow Pearl says:

You teach each and every step so well.. love watching your videos

Jenn MacFeely says:

Really enjoyed this video. Thank you

The Fernandez Family says:

hi i love ure channel and love how you do ure would mean alot if you plz subscribe to my channel..thanks

shrutiandstyle says:

Love this tutorial <3

MayaPaya says:

You’re a good teacher.

Diane Rathgeber says:

I like how you get right to it. No chit chat before . You say what you’re going to do and then you just do it. Very good. TY

Sarah Kwak says:

I love the how you had these drawings to further explain your tutorial!

znb khan says:

Very easy n very hlpful thnk u gurl.

JosBri4 says:

Now this is a tutorial!!! I haven’t seen a teaching tutorial in years. It’s refreshing

Jessica Sparks says:

I love the glitter!!

Sartaj Ansari says:

How beautiful voice

Taylor Anderson says:

i would love if you would do your voiceovers a little further away from ur mic. it is very loud and sounds like asmr

Flossie16 Martin says:

Best tutorial video I have seen so far.

Reshma Ansari says:

Very nice for your “eye shadow”.

Bibi Majeed says:

Would the glue be easy to remove.

Krithika Shelvarajen says:

What does a fade shade mean please explain

StyleVibha says:

This is looking awesome..

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