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Here’s my step-by-step beginners drugstore makeup tutorial without any brushes PLUS some products & tips for intermediate makeup users! Subscribe:
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Alison L Hentzel says:

Have you tried 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from Younique?? It’s literally life-changing. Check it out: :

ailin maria says:

tysm for the tips it helps me a lot ♡

daan vanderdrift says:

You are as ugly like my gf, piece of motherfkn shit

Its Maria says:


Clearly Claire says:

Where can i get the Essence Lash Princess mascara?

karime ramirez says:

This was very helpful

MichelleT says:

Honey I just need to praise you real quick. Trust me when I say this, I couldn’t do makeup for shit before this. Halfway through my eyeshadow it came to me that I’ve needed this single video all my life god BLESS

Alexis Surface says:


Ashley M says:

I’m torn between wanting to look natural with no makeup on and covering my redness and breakouts cause they make me insecure.

Grace Janney says:

BEST beginner makeup tut ever! I wanted to see it for my step daughter, but I learned some things too!! Thanks!

Bipna pudasaini says:

thank you for this video..

Shannon James says:

what if u have deep set eyes and very blonde eye brows that looks like u don’t have any

vartush teravetisyan says:

Dear RachhLoves I believe thats makeup can be so perfect for bride. I love very much yours videos and I like to think and to use for the bride makeup !!!!! THANKY YOU VERY MACH!!!!!

Shan Bam says:

can you put a moisturiser on with primer or does it have to be different?

baby baega says:


Donna Kollar says:

Do you recommend for beginner a face & eye rimer

Ashlen Mason says:

when you curled your lashes your eyes started to look iratated

Khriss Baldz_Gastanes says:

why do you put mascara first before eye works???????

Melanie Garcia says:

Wait if the ring finger is the weakest, is that why marriages don’t last long?

MidnightDust says:

Can you do a beginners guide for men because that is too much..

Alicia says:

I want to start wearing makeup but I feel like ppl will judge me, any advice?

baby baega says:


lucye444 says:

who is watching in 2017

Ellie H D says:

Omg this video is so good I never usually wear make up as I feel I can’t do it good but after watching this Video over and over again I feel way more confident thanks so much x

Philip Paynter says:

Hi there everybody, today im very happy, im just reivce COST-FREE KYLIE LIPKIT from kyliecosmetics, Try get now dude, it’s free

Angela Garrett says:

As a 28 year old who was never taught how to put on makeup this video REALLY helped me! Thanks!!

Sana Mariyam says:

thanks,its really helpful,and u look beautiful…..

Rebecca Fremd says:

okay so, what about primer? Should you out moisturizer then primer?

zoey williams says:

can you use regular lotion?

Natalie Jaide says:

oh my god girl you have saved my life. this is the first beginner tutorial that has actually explained what to do rather than just speeding through. I have officially subbed

Ariana Ferguson says:

hi i am also frm an intermdiate grade and i followed this but my face has a lot of peach fuzz… how can i get rid of that can you make a tatorial thankyou ad i am a big fan so can you mention my name in one of your vids??

BasicallyNobody says:

I’m gonna start wearing makeup sometime in the next few months (I’m turning 15 next month and that’s when I’m aloud to start wearing makeup) any brand recommendations. I’m pale and I wear glasses, but I may go into contacts next year

Sariah Leavitt says:

I am afraid of Eyelash curlers! I got one from Rue 21 for Christmas. When I used the Curler it cut off the middle of my eyelashes. not completely off, but in half. It was terrible. I cried! lol

Felicity//\Youtube //\ says:

her lashes are so pretty!

BethanTheCoolGirl xx says:

cant you hydrate your skin with water and dab afterwards with a towel then put your foundation on?

Cay Nanee says:

Thanks for all of the great tips, this video was very informative.

Jillian Kilburn says:

This is by far the most helpful tutorial that I have found on YouTube. You did an amazing job of explaining everything in an understandable way. I love how you took time to show how to do each step and tell us how to do things correctly. Thanks so much 🙂

Bianca Nieto says:

Best beginner make up tutorial video I’ve seen!! Thank you so much!!

Alicia says:

Wow, this is amazing! I’m a 29 year old beginner. Just never got into make up and have always wanted to wear it but just had no idea what I was doing. This was super informative! The most I wear now is eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. But I’ve always wondered how face makeup “works”. I actually have bought some foundation and powder and a beauty blender but have never really tried it out. But now I think I have a better idea on what to do! Happy I found this video!

KilahByNature !! says:

Any small subscribers wanna support each other ?

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