Barb Stranger Things Makeup Tutorial | Freakmo Halloween

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Many thanks to Prosthetic Renaissance for supplying me with the silicone piece to use in this tutorial! Check them out here:

and check out Fractured FX, who made Barb’s body for Stranger Things:

And the two amazing photographs in the beginning were by my friend, Louise Coghill, you can check out more of her amazing photography here:


Chavant NSP Medium Clay

Sculpting Tools

Water based clay for the walls

Pinkysil Silicone


Epoxy Parfilm release spray

(I have a 3M and a Sundstrom)

Platsil Gel 10 Silicone


Silicone Pigments

Naptha (read MSDS sheet before using)

Tapioca Starch

Water and Food Colouring

Bin Bag


Silicone Caulk

Mouldlife Venial Blood—venial-1185-p.asp

Halloween spider webbing

Prosthetic Renaissance Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetic

Witch Hazel

Dermashield / Dermaguard

Prosaide Adhesive

Creamy Prosaide

Red stipple Sponge

99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Scotty’s Anti-shine

Skin Illustrator Complexion Palette, plus Skin Illustrator liquids in Grey Matter, Lividity, Vein Tone, and Capillary.

Bluebird Pale Skin Palette

Paasche H Airbrush

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gel in Bruise Red, Deep Purple, Black and Blue, Ultra Blue



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Hail Arriola says:

She didnt digest that cucumber enough.

Nicole Juniper says:

Can this be made with gelatin?

Kaley Harris says:

insane what you can do with makeup.. You need to be more famous!

LυcιєƖ- Ƈнσι says:

She was the person who LEAST deserved to die 🙁 R.I.P

Monica jk says:

Barb lives

Fuxicão Mondardo Rossi says:

OMG SO CREEPY ATMOSFERE!! oh i almost forgot to tell the music is creepy as hell plus the music i so creepy + its the theme when scp 682 breaks out of gate b if you played scp containmet breach

Supersophie Saturday says:

Is that wengie?

Ajax Infinity says:

2:48 _pickles_

Jackie TSG says:

This isn’t the show my mom’s crazy about?

Francesca Jitterz says:

Lol looks like she’s pooping through her mouth

kasey jones says:

#justiceforbarb #bringbarbhome

lucia Jowsey says:

Poor Barb

misha s. says:

I love this women

Indhira Yapur says:

too soon :'( (good look tho)

Bradhp11 says:

Wow this is Barb culture appropriation you trash!

Clementine Chafee Elorriaga says:

every time she says silicone wrong i shiver ://///

Rice Sock says:

they look like pickles

Indhira Yapur says:

too soon :'( (good look tho)

Nicholas Andrews says:

lmfao “You don’t want to make your fake dead barb into a real dead Barb”

That would just be horrible ahaha. Stupid slug tentacle things

genesis says:

*blows kiss at swimming pool* barb deserved better

Superhacktastic says:

almost the entire season1 forgot about barb

Morphine Love Makeup says:


Shaea says:

Love this! the slugs reminded me of pickles. haha

Kyren Vasquez says:

then shes like I did this and I did that and someone else is doing her makeup lol

sophie ramos/diggs says:

fabulous video, and this rly helped 🙂

sav says:

bARB !!

Cristian says:


K Monster says:

It looked like a pickle in the beginning lol

Logan Whited says:

upon closer inspection I think they may have used white pantyhose for the web in the original makeup.

Anastasia Sirius says:

that focus…

Rose Honey says:

God you’re amazing! Truly an inspiration for little gore lovers like me.

Daniela Preston says:

tysm for this.. my friend and i are doing nancy n barb and this helped a lot

ytussiy says:

the slugs look like pickles

The Buggy Cat says:

THIS IS INSANE! poor barb 🙁

emaciatedunicorn says:

barb is the marauder for all of us that get ditch by our only friend at parties #neverforgetbarb

Juice says:

I wish I was her friend so she could practice on me

Jess Leeman says:

you are insanely talented!! x

Hails the King says:

I watched this before I watched Stranger Things. I didn’t realize at first how much I love this. This is amazing!! Amazing job ❤

The Cosplay Gay says:

The slugs look like pickles at first XD

Kristen Thai says:


Tory M says:

399,988 SUBS!!!

Christine Herring says:

it looked like a small pickle out first when you did the things that came out of your mouth it was really creepy when you was done though but it was very nice and creepy don’t worry I’m only 8 years old I like to watch your videos and others if there are creepy for Halloween even though it is not Halloween yet I still like to watch the videos especially if I am getting ready Halloween it’s going to be very scary like yours except 4 the thing the thing that Kane out of your mouth

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