ASMR – Whispered Makeup Tutorial – Get ready with me!

In this video I go back to basics, using the good old faithful Zoom H1. Its a little bit quiet, and has a lot of white noise in there too, but some of you have mentioned before that you like that, so I left it in. Hope you dont mind! 😀

Im working on a few role-plays and collaborations with other ASMRtists at the moment which is so super exciting! So the next couple of videos are going to be very simple and basic! But good things are coming!

Makeup tutorial starts at 5:19

Makeup used in this video:
Clinique Redness Solutions Primer
Loreal Infallible Matt Primer
Urban Decay Anti Ageing Primer
Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions (Fresh Alabaster)
Spectrum Collection Stipple Brush B01
House of Glamdolls GlamBase Wheel
Real Techniques Beauty Blender
Bourjois Happy Light Concealer
Spectrum Collections A15 Brush
Anastasia Beverley Hills Powder Contour Kit Light/Medium
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Naked, Buck, Sin)
Spectrum Collections A06 Brush
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
MAC Rosey Outlook
Anastasia Beverley Hills Lipgloss (Metallic Rose)

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An extra special thank you goes out to Danny C and James Doyle, both who are both just amazing for all the love and support they show! And a big, huge, big wet sloppy kiss to ALL my subscribers and fans out there who leave me lovely comments and messages!

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Equipment Used:
Camera: Canon 700D with 50mm Prime Lens or 18-135mm lens
I also sometimes use a GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Microphone: 3Dio Binaural Microphone
Recorder/Mixer: Zoom H5 recorder
Editing: Final Cut Pro X

What is ASMR?
ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responce and it is a term that categorises the pleasant (non-sexual) feeling of ‘goosebumps’ or ‘chills’ that some can feel when they are being triggered by an external stimuli such as whispering, personal attention or certain sounds.

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you are awsome and you just remind of whispersRed

Brok Homz says:

I like this lass.

EvenWeave says:

you look beautiful without makeup!(: love your freckles I wish mine weren’t so many I like how your are

KaylaNicole Amato says:

You are so beautiful with and if course without makeup!

Simon Barton says:

You look younger wothout makeup.

Clayton Brewer says:

I think you look better without makeup

Courtney Keay says:

So I am just now seeing this video and I am in LOVE with this minimal look. Brings out your natural beauty with a little extra girly touch! Lashes and brows are the best. Love your whisper voice!

sal christy says:

JESUS This girl has the hottest face and hair ever, doesn’t even need makeup

Jen Ritter says:

okay she likes to wear makeup but she also likes how she looks without it. you don’t need to go on saying how she shouldn’t wear it. if she enjoys both let her enjoy both. and don’t say we live in a society where it’s necessary for women to wear makeup because we live in a progressive society where no one really cares. you do you and the world will go on. most people wear it because they like it. I don’t know one person (girl or guy) who wears makeup because they think they should. they all wear it because it makes them feel good and they enjoy it and that’s fantastic and how it should be. and everyone I know who doesn’t wear makeup doesn’t feel pressured to wear it. they’re being their them and doing whatever they’d like and that’s great and also how it should be. no one is pressured to wear makeup anymore as we’re moving to a more open society. she likes how she looks both ways so let her enjoy both. you saying she should wear makeup and that she looks good without it would be the same as telling her to wear makeup. let her be her own person.

Abdul A says:

What kind of horse shit is this

Katie Rouner says:

there’s nothing like watching a ASMR video on your phone and having a wild cat butt suddenly appearing.

Racmaster00 says:

Aww, I hate that you cover up your freckles

Gail Granberry says:

You’re very naturally pretty. Never apologize for “offending” ppl with your bare face. “Pretty” is not the rent you pay for existing in this world. I am a makeup junkie but I also chose to go bare-faced from time to time and don’t feel at all bad or self-conscience about it–no woman should!

On another note, that MAC blush looks like it’s dying a very slow and painful death. They’re having 25% off everything for MAC Select members until Dec 4. If you’re not a member, it’s free to join. I’m not sure where you live (accent sounds UK), so you’ll want to check with your local store.

I’m really enjoying your videos! 🙂

Turkey Dinosaur says:

You don’t need makeup, you look amazing with and without it!


The first 10 seconds had me melting. Instant sub and liked. Can’t wait to rewatch this video over and over

EmptyRainbows says:

I like when ladies apply makeup.

Alissa rosenbaum says:

you look like a non crazy Lindsay lohan with your hair pulled back like that. When she was young and had red hair

JJmez says:

Is it just me or she looks prettier without makeup ?!

Conall Hughes says:

I find it perpetually hilarious that videos such as these are littered with “awww u look so much better without makeup”, or something to that sentiment. You’re lying, if that’s something that you’ve said. Makeup wouldn’t exist if it didn’t make people look better; simple as that.

blahhhboyy dd says:

I’m sorry but you look like a clown , if its “simple” , why do a hot pink lip ? that color is not at all a “dusty rose” like you said . a peachy nude would have been nice , and way too much blush ..the brows are too harsh for this look too like I said , a straight up clown

kylieee_71 says:

your eyebrows were amazing before you even did anything to them!!

sczen says:

You look Great with And without makeup!! Truth!!! Love your videos~

latinospiderman7 says:

haha The power of makeup everyone

Megan Orr says:

Your freckles are so lovely.

choo snau says:

if you dont already, dampen your beauty blender its a MUST

echoisadevilkitten says:

I love this! The content as well as the idea behind it is so awesome. I would love to see the makeup behind the costume look for Cecile (I think that’s her name?) the vampire in the spray tan video!

Misil Rose says:

guys she starts putting make up on at 9:44

HubbzZ says:

Wow you’re truly beautiful on the inside and on the outside with makeup

Quis Ut Deus says:

I love your hair…even, or especially, the “crazy” look.

Rawr. says:

You’re such a natural beauty, With or without makeup you look amazing!

The Books says:

I love how you don’t use HEAVY makeup, but more of a natural sense. You look beautiful! The only thing that bugs me is that I think your eyebrows cause a by too much contrast when you add to them. Your natural brows look great!

Panda Princess says:

Maybe it’s just me (and I’m not at all trying to be rude) but, at the beginning of the video you talk about basically “ditching the heavy Instagram makeup, contouring, etc” and how you’re trying to clear up your skin rather than cover up, then you go and make a tutorial doing all those things you said you were trying to avoid. . . I’m just confused. . . Do what you want, obviously, but I just don’t get why you would preach about doing one thing then doing the opposite in the same exact video. . . Lol. Oh well.

Shelby Grice says:

“why am I apologizing for not wearing makeup sorry if this offends you” literally love so much

Lemons Are Good says:

Are you related to whispers red?

Sophie says:

wow… you’re absolutely stunning with AND without makeup!

Julian Ortega says:

omg I just found your videos yesterday. ur amazing. it helps me a lot . you are so pretty. are u an actress?

WierdGlitteryCats says:

I loved the kip gloss sounds!!! Especially the sounds your mouth made when you pressed your lips together, that really got my tingles going!!

Banzai Mongoose says:

Fun thing to do on this video: zone out and roll your thumb over the lights. (Great video by the way! Thank you!)

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