Hey Guys!

So here is a softly spoken Kylie Jenner Inspired make up tutorial. I hope you find my lack of make up skills amusing, but also hope you get some lovely tingles!

Main Triggers included:

– Soft Speaking
– Whispering
– Tapping


This video features the incredible Prismatic Lighting Solutions LED Halo Light. You can see the full effect before and after using the light in this video, it truly is now my go-to filming light! #ad

If you’d like to try it for yourself here is the link:

Products used during this video:

– Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser
– Rimmel London Wake Me Foundation, shade 200 beige
– NYX HD concealer, shade yellow
– Collection concealer, shade light
– YSL concealer, shade 1.5
– Gosh growth mascara, shade black
– YSL faux lash mascara, shade black
– YSL eye liner, shade black
– Rimmel London eyebrow pencil, shade dark brown
– Primark Eyebrow powder trio, shade mid brown
– Mua pressed powder
– Gosh large shimmer bronzer, shade 001
– Rimmel London bronzer, shade 025
– ELF cosmetics blush & bronze duo
– Dior eyeshadow palette, shade 705 beige massai
– Benefit high beam
– Limecrime velvetines lipstick, shade wicked
– E45 lip balm


– Generic eye lash curler, amazon
– Small beauty blender, Primark
– Small Kabuki brush, Essence
– Large Kabuki brush, Primark
– Angle and shadow brush, H&M
– Lip enhancer, Fullips

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bambarby says:

Is this what asmr has come to? Girl speaking in normal voice

InnocentWhispers ASMR says:

Hope you enjoy guys ❤️ Thanks for all the nice comments!!

Amy Bailey says:

Could you do some hairstyles tutorials asmr style too?

Allen Lawthfar says:

Hmmm… The reflection of the Halo in your eyes makes me think you’re a cyborg 😀

Mo says:

No matter how many channels there are I always end up watching yours!

François Falcato says:

I love what you do and how you do it
Another great video, continue ❤️

Lloyd Partin says:

well how old are you miss whispers,,☺

Way Up says:

What the hell was that thing that you put on your lips and then sucked in? What did it do?

Mr. Savage says:

Save yourself the time and money! You don’t need Make Up!!! You look beautiful without it!! But the make up makes you sexy! (You look way better than the Jenners!)

emeli Jarama says:

at 39:21 she put the middle finger up

Uniqu3 says:

As long as you ladies wear makeup because you like doing it then that’s fine. Coming from a guy’s perspective, the less makeup the better. Great video though, always enjoy your videos.

mynameisalice01 says:

it looked much better without black waterlines babe ❤

ASMR Destiny says:

Thanks for the relaxing vid! I’m always amazed by the power of makeup!

Jeepy715 says:

You literally look so young without makeup

ldsmith878 says:

i love her personality and shes soo soft spoken in her vice…wow…great makeup tutorial…keep it up girl…

BeanDip says:

You are smokin without the makeup

Smilin Observer says:

I just discovered your channel. Awesome Sauce!


For some reason you are a spitting image of my best friends sister

itsjourney says:

I think you look beautiful with and without. youre amazing at makeup xoxo

Nadine O 'Brien says:

you don’t have to use primer on your eyes. you put concealer yves saint laurent on your eyelids which gives the shadow something to hold onto 🙂

Лина Биджиева says:

I thought your roleplay ASMR videos awesome but your domestic ASMR lovely too! I love this, you’re so adorable

Zerofever says:

I’ve been trying to learn to draw the female face lately. One tip I’ve gotten is to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube. Thanks for this one! 😀

lenn55 says:

You’re way hotter than Kylie. js

hannah abcdef says:

your eyebrows are actually perfect with or without product. they just add to your beautifulness

64Fabby says:

45 minutes of pure beauty. You looked sensational without makeup and then the makeup just enhanced your amazing features. Your outfit looks good too!

And most importantly of all? I feel so relaxed!

Thankyou! x

Lazy Pictures says:

are you really without makeup at the start of video??! god you are gorgeous. I adore this natural flavour of you.

DesnoInside says:

I’m in love with your voice!

Michael D'Silva says:

these vid fascinate me… some women go to a lot of effort each day!

OhLola 86 says:

Fabulous make up. Lovely!

Infinity2zRO says:

mini eggs exist to make me eat more of them 😀

Manuel Marin says:

Hey you have a beautiful face, you don’t need a make up !

Jorge Vazquez says:

Waiting for that tracer role play… Voice at least.

OhLola 86 says:

Did you guys follow over here via Gibi??

noscoper1993 says:


Dexterr Morgan says:

Couldn’t keep up. Now I look like Bruce Jenner. Help

ASMR Shamrock says:

Loved this! But honestly I’d far rather look like you than Kylie haha, never been a fan of hers:)

diego mtz says:

all I want for Christmas is a reply from innocent whispers!! lol ur amazing

PeaJay Plays says:

So I love how there is no set rules for make up and you had a beautiful result but I just want to say be careful with your eyes you rub them so rough it was making me nervous hahaha. The skin around our eye is very delicate like paper and rubbing like that will cause premature ageing and irreversible damage. Even just using your fingers to pat the products in will make a huge difference. You slayed your eyebrows btw 😀

JC Maelstrom says:

You look so so sweet and a lot younger without makeup!

KyleTheOtaku says:

You have a very natural beauty, you should rock no makeup sometimes it’s such a shame to hide your angelic face behind all that makeup

Amir Sh says:

You are beautiful and have lovely accent! , I improve my English with you !

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