ASMR 🗻 Make Up Tutorial in Nature 🗻 Soft Spoken

Hello my loves! ♥ Today let’s sit down and do this soft make up look that was requested so often in the setting of Nature, surrounded by sounds of trees, wind and birds 🙂
0 – Final look
00:13 – naked face *.*
00:57 – pore filler
01:49 – tinted moisturizer
02:26 – foundation
04:46 – concealer
05:52 – countering nose
07:35 – under eye concealers 1. 2.
09:22 – powder
11:16 – powder countor, 13:03 – blush
14:24 – eyebrows + 16:10 – my little eyebrow trick ♥
17:14 – eyeshadows
23:55 – eyeliner
25:57 – illuminator
27:14 – brow gel
27:51 – mascara
29:24 – setting spray
29:39 – lips
31:37 – letting our hair out and we are all done! 🙂
Thank you very much for watching!

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Lucifer Morningstar says:

be my mom please

Hanga Kádár says:

You should not wear make-up, your smile is good enough!!! ♥

TheFrogBox says:

am i the only one who thinks she looks beautiful even without makeup

Alden Brown says:

she’s so close to 1 mil and i’m so proud of her :)))

Mukingjay TV says:

You look so much younger, and beautiful without makeup!

Elooper The Unicorn RBLX says:

When I see Maria’s eyes the first thing that comes in my mind is the ocean.

Anita Fabian says:

Very soothing. It’s so unfortunate that the bulk of the products you use are tested on animals.

Cansu Bilal says:

you don’t need make up 😀

Artin Ahmadi says:

you are very beautiful and cute,dear maria

Kirsten Lauryn says:

I love Maria’s down to earth yet glam style. So different from the majority today… but lovely!!!

dylan jones says:

maria kind of looks like anna paquin does anyone else see it

miszreed says:

Did you guys catch Maria saying “feeling myself” and “fleek”??!!!

Love you Maria!

Ivan Torres says:

I would die for Maria’s beautiful skin.

CobaltLobo says:

do you have any natural remedies for facial spider veins by chance?
I’m hoping this summer sun will help it go away a bit but I know if I don’t do something, it’ll come back. I’m only 23 and they’re already showing and it drives me nuts haha

sparty pants says:

I have bad acne scars too and also use this foundation. I have to layer it though but it is good. thanks for a lovely video and you’re beautiful as always xx

missmiki says:

Could you please do another makeup artist role play?

Darlene Lesmana says:

i thought you said “well today lads” in the intro and i was like


Josip Spajić says:

i feel gay as hell but this was one of your best videos ever, great job !! You deserve those milion subs more than most 🙂 gl

mia2791 says:

I love the moment when she’s with no makeup and she grabs her face, closes her eyes and just breathes. Like accepting she’s beautiful just as she is. Beautiful moment!

krgrimm says:

Completely blown away by now long this is and how many different ways and types and many kinds of make up there is for just the same thing. I’m in awe. I don’t get make up. But fine if it is your thing. Is this special? How can you use 10 diff products for one part of your face?? Good god. Maria you are beautiful without make up.

Tania Gomez says:

Your eyes are so beautiful!!!!
thank you for this video!!!

Joyce Adaliosentono says:

The powder is by Rimmel London.

ChoA's paw says:

Natural-looking makeup goals ;~; <333

tmac13 says:

Maria, I know you won’t be able to do it every time, but please consider doing more videos in the wilderness! It’s spectacular.

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