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— Products Used —
– Guerlain Meteorites Base primer
– Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
– Lancome Ultra Wear High Coverage Concealer
– Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
– KKW Beauty Contour and Highlight Sticks
– Urban Decay Brow Beater eyebrow pencil
– Urban Decay Brow Tamer Clear Brow Gel
– Ciate London Liquid Eyeliner
– Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
– Huda Beauty “Farrah” False Lashes
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit
– Becca “Songbird” Blush
– Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer
– Mac “Kinda Sexy” Lipstick
– Mac Whirl Lip Pencil
– “Locked and Loaded” Colourpop Eyeshadow
– “Paper Tiger” Colourpop Eyeshadow
– “Saddle” MAC Eyeshadow
– “Goldmine” MAC Eyeshadow

All the kids makeup used was from Claire’s in store. Here’s their selection online:
– Contour and Highlight 4 piece set
– Claire’s BB Creme in Light
– Claire’s Concealer in Medium
– Claire’s Brow Palette
– Claire’s Kitty Makeup Kit Set
– Claire’s Liquid Eyeliner
– Free Spirit Lengthening Mascara
– Eyelure London 155 false lash

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dont click pls says:

Ok…,first of all we are not stupid(children),second of all,not all makeup selled at Claire’s is “kids” makeup for example there is a lot of comments saying that the eyelashes were made by a drugstore brand and they were just reselled at Claire’s ,third of all,I’m 12,I’m still considered as a kid because I haven’t even gotten my period yet but thanks to all the beauty community we now know how to do makeup okay? And some of us are really good at makeup haven’t you seen all the makeup guru kids???for example my family considers me as and mua because I spend all my free time or my weekend watching you guys and I L-E-A-R-N maybe you when you were younger didn’t know how to do your makeup but we CAN

haya albast says:

do a haul!!!! (where’s ur shirt from here)

Polxi Porterx says:

You pick The worst kids Make up i was at clarie’s schop and there was way more better pallete

Millie Moo says:

I am 8 and I still do it like the adult side plus I am genuinely better at makeup then my mum

L vlogai says:

Im 12 and, i knoe a lotttt about makeup like my friends dont anything..

Serena Calix says:

I’m a “kid”, well a teenager, and I know just as much as you do in makeup. I feel like it offends people when you say “kids wouldn’t know this” or “kids would just use their fingers” because I love makeup and experiment with it all the time. Just because I don’t wear makeup out, doesn’t mean I don’t wear it at all. Also, most “children” watch beauty gurus, and the minority is adults. This isn’t hate, I actually love watching you but I can see that most people are offended and I’m trying to clarify why.

BossLevel _ says:

I would know cause I watch to much YouTube I know what’s good and I’m in elementary school

Helena Trammell says:

I’m not trying to be rude Sylvia I love you I’m 13 considered a child and I go to Mac and sephora and your being kinda steriotipicle on what kids do or wear.

Adrian Chatman says:

What happened to just a holiday makeup look? Haha I know your channel is more of the “viral” type channel tho lol

Ew Vlogs says:

I’m really insulted

Clodagh Dressler says:

There was
Loose powder in the beginning,fight?

Lizzy Renegade says:

Ad-ult. Noooooo

Aliza Naqvi says:

Teens and preteens who are like I’m offended and stuff, when she says kid makeup she probably means like 7-8 years old makeup and stuff, I’m 13 and can do really good makeup, but this is Claire’s makeup so it’s not teens makeup and stuff it’s little kid stuff

Roxiskateteam Sgs says:

Well i am a 14 year old kid and i use adults makeup all the time

My Odd Life says:

I love this video

Taylor S says:

Good lord. Everyone arguing about the dumbest things. She’s saying a child probably wouldn’t know these things because she’s probably looking back at what SHE herself knew about makeup when she was that age. I’m the same age she is, and I can tell you we didn’t have YouTube to show us different techniques, we used the applicators that came in the package, and we learned by watching our mothers. If this video bothers you that much and you’re an adult, then you need to grow up. If you’re a child or preteen, then you should know that she’s not making fun of you in any way! Now hush and rewatch the video from her perspective.

Lizette Vasquez says:

You should do 99 cent store products vs. Sephora or something

Nazrin Hummatova says:

Tbh these days alot of kids do their makeup better then adults

Katie Draper says:

Your acting like no kid knows how to do make up

Maija Šuliņa says:

Im ten and i have credit card my own.

Natalie Lindsey says:

Not trying to hate but I fell like she is under estimating kids or making “KIDS” sound dumb. like we don’t know what we are doing. I am 11 and I have a bunch of high end products. I am actually really good a makeup. Not all kids shop a Clair’s for there makeup and don’t always choose the “brighter” colors for there eye shadow. Also I know a lot of the techniques that she said kids wouldn’t know. Also she kept on saying “I am going to apply it like a child would apply it.” Also I have a lot of the products she is using. I still love her no matter what ♥️

Polxi Porterx says:

Do you realise that most of your subscribers are kids so after whaching you a couple months they know How to do Make up

Nessassary says:

If it’s at Claire’s that doesn’t mean it’s for children

A ny says:

I like your eyes makeup

Ffion Lagier says:

Most patronising video ever

Amal Hassan says:

The foundation from the adult was Like 3 shades to dark but STILL Like the idea

chloe_oxo says:

Your so horrible towards children, you don’t know anything so your kinda being a bit hypocritical towards children so stop cause your being horrible

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