Happy holidays, zombaes! Bringing you another festive FX look this year as an abominable snowman / yeti ! This tutorial covers the prosthetic makeup sculpting , teeth , nails , horns , application , and costume if you count hot glue as a way to put together clothing (hey, I tried). Snow is pretty but I like to think a mega creep like this guy is hiding under a big pile just waiting for someone to jump in………. why do I think of these things

Quick note I forgot to mention in the tutorial – the styrofoam wand I’m using gets extremely hot and you need to be super careful using it. It also gives off some intense fumes so wear a breathing mask or respirator and work in a well ventilated room.

This yeti intro skit is a bit of a reprise to compliment last year’s Krampus video – check out Ripley as a baby pup in this one, she’s da cutest! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9rQYIGlIUM&t=54s

And here is a link to the reindeer look from two years ago but sadly, I did not film a tutorial to go with it- it’s just me being a goof with antlers stickin outta my head. But hey, you might be in the mood for that sorta thing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSjVpA74Ra8

Paranormal Activity Monster tutorial (good reference for another way to make the yeti face, or how to use modeling clay for the teeth instead of plastic modeling pellets) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btd18c8RINo

Plastic modeling pellets I use : https://www.amazon.com/AMACO-Friendly-Plastic-Pellets-4-4-Ounce/dp/B0026HWG16

There were over 7 hours of tutorial footage for this one, which was only a fraction of the total work time, so I obviously needed to cut out a lot to get through it all. If you have any specific questions about what I did, or there was something you thought I glossed over, please ask in the comments below and I will do my best to answer!


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Horror Ambience | Growing Shadows – myuu
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Kadenza – Harpuia [NCS Release]
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0J2lyVy9_8
• https://soundcloud.com/kadenza-hitti

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You (Sing King Karaoke Version)
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UymLTtfJak

•”This House” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Lacy Rice says:

your Long Island accent makes me wish for a Glam and Gore Janine Welnetz from Ghostbusters.

ThunderPaladin says:

This vid is going STRAIGHT to my favorites. I’ve been working in the haunted house biz for 4 years now, always making my own costumes, and this has given my some crystal clear ways to do some really fun stuff. Thank you!

Anime Dancer14 says:

Ha that’s my life right there. Hot glue saves my life

Gumy98 says:

omg, you’re so freakin talented !!!! and i love it !! keep going !!

Lucinda Farley says:

You should name your glue gun Bloody-Bertha

Katy-Cat Insanity says:

13:14 that’s not terrifying

Katisaidiot says:

You should make a zombae. like. one of those Instagram baddies or something but as a zombie??

Sydney Brede says:

This is CRAZY AMAZING! Along with her other tutorials

Jack Howard says:

What happened to her eyes

Jenifer Nic says:

Do stare Wars yoda

Guppy Fish says:

Can you do an anger fish makeup please please please please.I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT PLEASE

Pineapple Hats says:

i just want to say happy holidays to all the zombaes reading this

Diana Fronsdahl says:

Where did you get that *INDUSTRIAL* ass glue gun, lol??

Blue_Donut_Pug _ says:

I was gonna request a krampus makeup tutorial then I realised you already did one ;-;

Alysa Madrid says:

How. Is. This. Even. Possible. It looks like it was straight from a movie

Tiffy T-Rex says:

I made a zombie ScareBear costume by hot gluing everything too. DOn’t feel bad its an FX short cut. lol

Naphility says:

Mykie, Shante, you stay

Topea Vae says:

“Mom, I know you haven’t had your coffee yet, but this is a bit extreme.”

Panda Rose says:

COuld you please do Coraline characters, like with button eyes and stuff

Shaw Lopez says:

very awesome! Love this!

Zef Diamond says:

lol she showed a pic of Yolandi visser

Shane4836 says:

Mutant elf for Christmas of 2017?

Lisa Durflinger says:

Does she keep all the masks? I hope so, they’re really cool

Caleb Williams Vlogs// gaming and more says:

Well Bai bai dogie

Peach's Playpen says:

can you do this on a mannequin head or a styrofoam head instead of a lifecast?

Lady Raven says:

As a South African, I always have a giggle at how Americans pronounce Die Antwoord.
But anyway this looks fucking great.

OnSilverWings says:

For the horns, couldn’t you just use a rounded styrofoam ring and make points out of that? I would think that would be a bit easier, but then again, I’m not a makeup artist

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