A VERY DRUNK MAKEUP TUTORIAL (you’ll wanna see this)

Hey guys whats up its Savannah! Today we’re doing something that has been one of the most highly requested videos for a long time now!! A DRUNK MAKEUP TUTORIAL!

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braveforbes edits says:

holy shit…. like what vortex are you from

Ella Wolf says:

“What vortex are you from” lmfaoooo

Kasey says:

HAHAHAHA i LOVED this 10/10

miranda red says:


celine leblanc says:

my boyfriend thinks im fucked ive never laughed so hard in my life omgggg

Elin Lutfi says:

we need a series of this

kienna rae says:

Were the fuck is the fucking EGGGGGG

braveforbes edits says:

Morocco…. Moroccan….. Macaroon…. sorry lol

Niamh O'Grady says:


Hailey Bourne says:

I literally needed this video!!!!! It was hilarious! I almost cried from laughing.

Abbie Perritt says:

Why is your drunk makeup better than my sober makeup

Yana Araña says:


Mila Acevedo says:

“ holy shirt what vortex are you from “

braveforbes edits says:

what the fuck? *picks up a champagne bottle* cheers bitches

Tahia Abedin says:

“im going to use these shadows more of the browns” *points finger at the whole pallete* this is AMAZING

Ashton Norman says:

“I used to write weekly whale reports”

christina gio says:

” im from my own orbit, BABY” BAAHAHAH

Olivia Corri says:

omg a drunk crime video

Lia Hailey says:

This is so funny oh my god ily

Natalie Velten says:

Anyone count how many times she said “bitch” ? If you did let me know.

sav & k says:

This is the best thing ever!!

braveforbes edits says:

you want your valentine to be like damn what orbit are you from and you’re like im from my own orbit baby

cassidykal says:

I’m a minute & a half in.. I’m laughing way to hard!

Mack Chewning says:

fav video ever

kylie martinez says:

this video made me feel drunk.

Cali Tate says:

This is funny

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