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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this video. This video is not sponsored.

Camcorder is: Canon Rebel t5i

If you’re a company wishing to contact me, email: thesarahsalvini@gmail.com with the subject “Sarah Salvini on youtube”

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Katrine Baqaeen says:

your makeup is so not 2017

Food Lover says:

Your lip swollen.. Like a..

Ashley Ordonez says:

What lipstick did you use???

Emma Dexter says:

Just because it’s done in 2017 doesn’t mean it’s a 2017 look. We haven’t even given this year enough to time to develop it’s “in” look

Holly Alassouli says:

what brand of brushes do you use?

asia bricks says:

this look is cute but the fact that everyone still looks to Kylie for makeup inspiration is getting old this is my 1st time seeing anyone of your vids but know I know what to expect from your channel you already have such a beautiful face all this is unnecessary buttt if u gone do it do it right lol don’t try and re-do it no offense ☺

Olivia Anne says:

Do you ever get that you look like Noah Cyrus?

Okay Eve says:

you look almost like okaylaaa

Florence Kwofie says:

she look with make up a little bit like kylie jenner

Joycee Tolentino says:

im crying your the most beautiful girl i saw

Duhitzbeauty 69 says:

you do know foundation goes bad…

MzEllsbury22 says:

why do you put your lashes on before your liner

Ambers Beauty says:

Slaaaaay xxx

Rose de la freedom says:

you look like Sophia Miacova

eman emancute123 says:

subscribed !!

Marcy Rodriguez says:

Is your SPONGE supposed to be brown in color? Or does it need to be washed, keep brushes a sponges clean for a clean, pimple free face, just sayin
You sure are cute.

Sara & Sana says:

most insane thumbnail ever girl!!

Raco Moore says:

Love this vid..just subscribed

ida Demi says:

you look like kylie jenner

Tyrah L says:

She looked like carli bybel in the thumbnail

rainbowkittycatcat says:


Katrine Baqaeen says:

your eyebrows are not 2017

mohd hariri salleh says:

girl! finally I found your channel, last week I saw this video then I forgot to subscribe, then it takes 1 week to find your video!!! finally!! new subs here!!!
#sorry for this horrible english

asmaa asmaa says:

هل من عربي يا جماعة

Bang Shic says:

love it;)

Kaitlyn Powers says:

This look is so beautiful girl! Love it! Your eye brows are amazing! lol i i subbed to you, i have a channel as well if you want to sub back 🙂
I’m starting to post weekly! keep up the good work girl love supporting female youtubers! <3

Mercedes Kim says:

list of products please …

Mrblack Mrblack says:

bad heavy makeup witvh ugly look in real face

Laura Pine says:

SLAY GIRL! You’re soooo pretty <3 Subbed! I make videos too xoxo

shaunna odare says:

20 seconds in and already subscribed ❤️

Lara Angel says:

You look like Sophia Miacova

Wadha f says:

kylie jenner

Alaa Badr says:

can u please write the prodects that u use

johne tada says:

love your video, you should be an actress, for sure I would buy a   ticket!!!

Missy Berard says:

wow your skin color changed instantly around 8:49 what did your do it still looks good but how?

Chicken Wings says:

please please please follow my new instagram : cxramelcoco

Emy Beauty says:

yoooou are beautifulll with and without

Holly Knutson says:

I feel like you could do a killer Ariana grande tutorial

cristal hernandez says:

i wanna see how you do your eyebrows

Paramore_Lover says:

You look like Elena from Vampire Diaries

scrainbow1234 says:

your skin is so oily and dewy, I’m jealous

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