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Every generation has its own beauty icon. From Josephine Baker in the 1920s and Katherine Hepburn in the 1930s, to Madonna in the 1980s, Janet Jackson in the 1990s and Jennifer Lopez in the 2000s, here are 100 years of beauty icons.

Check out the evolution of the makeup and looks that defined the starlets of the last century.

Makeup Artist: Yuui Vision

Hair Stylist: Angela Soto using R&Co

Stylist: Chasidy C. Billups

1930s Model Sarah Roesler appearing courtesy of MSA Models, 2000s Model Andrea Fazzini appearing courtesy of Abbey Lynn Models

Wardrobe Credits:

1920s – Josephine Baker
Dress – KEZ; Necklace – R.J. Graziano ; Earrings – Erickson Beamon ; Shoes – Mercedes Castillo

1930s – Katharine Hepburn
Blazer & Pant – Officine Generale; Shoes – Vince Camuto

1940s -Ava Gardner
Top & Skirt – Samuji; Shoes – Cace; Earring – Erickson Beamon

1950s – Marilyn Monroe
Pants – The Break; Shoes – Grey Matters

1960s -Elizabeth Taylor
Dress – Kez; Necklace & Earrings – R.J. Graziano

1970s -Diana Ross
Top & Skirt – Sacai; Boots – Tamara Mellon; Coat – FRAME Denim; Sunglasses – DECADE Vintage

1970s – Cher
Jumpsuit – Samuji; Earrings – DECADE Vintage; Shoes – Pedro Garcia

1980s – Madonna
Leather Jacket Dress – Alexander Wang; Boots – Alexander Wang

1990s – Janet Jackson
Leather Coat – The Break; Leather Pant – FRAME Denim; Platform Sandals – Pedro Garcia

2000s – Jennifer Lopez
Earrings & Choker – The Shiny Squirrel; White Tank Top – Officine Generale; Leather Pant – HYDE; Snakeskin Boots – The Doyenne

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100 Years of Beauty Icons | Allure


alexia pretty eyes says:

Uh show me one piercing on ms janet jackson, oh thats right you cant

Elena Carmignani says:

Ava Gardner is turning in her grave over this

Giovana Laurence says:

Who is Ashley Graham?

FleurVougelProductions says:

You left Audrey Hepburn out and she still is such an icon! Next time you do a video like this do your research or else you’ll look dumb

Sophia Mattey says:

ashley? are you serious???

Jasmine Aira says:

Audrey Hepburn??

Peitee X says:

I could not recognise most of the icons. The styling and makeup job is so bad on this video.

Anpan says:

0:44 sosi of amy winehous ! XD

Talita Peclat says:

Where’s Rihanna??

Fahira Amaliya says:


Avē Voda says:

50s – Marilyn and Audrey H
60s – Twiggy
00s – Paris Hilton
10s – Kim K, love or hate her, she is definitely a beauty icon

Nevissa yahya says:

Where is Beyonce?

Kestalami says:

Who TF is Ashley graham

ambar5716 says:

Coco chanel???

LoveLife says:

Pretty sure it was Madonna AND Princess Diana in the 1980s.

Бика Омарова says:

Меган фокс икона 2010

petix len says:

When i think of 2000s it’s paris hilton.. 90s was more of spice girls

Otra persona más says:

Who is Ashley Graham?

Benc e says:

3:04… Really?

jenny alvarez says:

could’ve sworn they were gonna make kylie jenner 2010s people barely know who Ashley graham is

Erick Soares Electtro says:

Where is Kim Kardashian?

helloitsme why do i have to fill this out? says:

60s 100% should have been twiggy…

Benji Z says:

Can’t actually read whatever they wrote for the last bit, because of video suggestions being infront of the text. Is this my fault or is it just poor design?

Tarih name says:

Akü arıyodum ne ara buraya geldim aq

Constanza says:

2010s would be Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner no? Who the hell is Ashley Graham

MM King says:

Taylor swift

NinaMusicYT says:

they should put aundrey hepburn for 60s

Ajithkumar M says:

At last it was Meghan Trainor right?

Jen and Kira Animations says:

Wouldn’t 2000s be Britney spears

jeon junkie says:

I actually opened this knowing that Audrey will be here. Also you should have just putted kim k as 2010s whether you like it or not. avoiding the obvious

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