1 Minute Makeup Tutorial: Easy Defined Cut Crease

Learn a simple trick to getting a defined cut crease quickly and easily, all in one minute! Using negative space is the shit.

I recommend MAC’s paint pots for something like this because it is thick, high coverage, and doesn’t transfer the way concealer would… but if you can’t get your hands on it or anything like it, concealer might work alright too! If anyone knows of a cruelty free dupe for the paint pots, please let me know in the comments! I’d love to find a replacement that works just as well without the animal testing!

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Marissa Rodriguez says:


Sara Van Cleaf says:

DEF gonna try this

jøsh dun has snowflake fun says:

I love your lipstick! I’ve been looking for one exactly that shade. What is it?

Luuna Wolf says:

I have saggy eye lids and small eyes I can’t do anything

Campbell Burke says:

Who disliked this

Naomi Tanner says:

what eyeshadow are you wearing? I love the color!! <3

Livythe Olivee says:

Please do a gore Little Red Riding Hood tutorial?

I think it would be awesome!

Meow wow says:

Slow down when you’re talking girl! Love everything but the super fast talking. I feel like I’m trying to comprehend someone who just had 10 redbulls. I had to rewind this video about 5 times, no fun.

Ariel lmao says:

do an enchantress make up tutorial gurl

Elena Kocheva says:

The lipstick tho <33333 What are you wearing, girl, I NEED IT!!

Lucky Maria DePaz says:

love this! easy and straight forward 🙂

Tamika Maye says:

Now that was simple! Thanks

Xoxo 13 says:


Brooke Sweets says:

You inspire me so much with my makeup <3 I also learn a lot from you:) Thank you!!

Mariah H. says:

you should do a cool sugar skull Halloween tutorial BTW ily & your vids

Liquid Starch says:

Pale pink gal here too! I recomend NW13 from Mac

PurplekittenXD says:

I never get the eyeshadow pigmented enough 🙁

PandaSayRawr34 says:

I love the whole hot minute thing but we need more mykie

Doryan vanvianen says:

do 100 lairs of liquid latex

Carla Vargas says:

Love it ☠️

hannah stewart says:

What? Which? Idk. What lashes are those

squirrel almighty says:

do more 1 minute tutorials !!!

Tabitha Runk says:

Would you make a new costume makeup video for this year? Scary doll or puppet! Pumpkin! Moremoremore!

Kaylee Mestas says:

Where do u keep ur fx makeup?

Kiera F says:

Your last Disney princess look was a month ago you said they’d be every week…

Denise Lee says:

How do I do this for monolids? Please help 🙂

unpopped says:

this is genius

Gemma Tolfrey says:

I have just started out doing sfx stuff and have taken inspiration from your videos – my instagram – theartofgore_98

Lisa Mosman says:

My eyelids are uneven, ie I have a lot of lid that shows on my right eye and barely any on my left. Do you have any suggestions on how to make them look symmetrical? Or should I just embrace my asymmetrical (ness?) To me it just look odd because on one eye it’s mostly just eyeliner that can be seen while on the other I can show a decent amount of lid shadow with the same thickness eyeliner. I appreciate any help and tips! Thanks!

Sammy says:

I struggle with anything with hooded eyes, like all the makeup tutorials of hooded eyes I watch have a decent small amount of space, mine on the other hand is horrendous.

Strawberry Unicorn209 says:

can you make a siren makeup tutorial?

Daniella Lucas says:

0:12 – I see you, you little glittering green bugger

Dani DIY says:

Hey I love your makeup it is awesome and I was wondering if u could do a stranger things fx inspired look

sunny girl says:

can you do how I did my make up in high school challenge

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