►Overwatch►Devil Mercy Transformation! Cosplay makeup tutorial!

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Sean Regan says:

Ehhh I think you should try your hand at Tracer.

Caitlin McCready says:

You are so cute, this is so awesome! I loved the actual beauty tips included too. You’re great!!!!!!!

AbductedEntity says:

windowmaker next maybe ?

Leon says:

It may just be my opinion, but suzy is one of my favorite grumps, i love them all but suzy is near the top. Shes funny, funnier then people give her credit for, I love to sit and watch all of her videos as they come out. While I can usually let a grump episode play in the background as i do something else, i really enjoy kittykatgaming for when i actually want to focus on just youtube.

Ludde Budde says:

that her real eye color? if it is wow cute

Jami Lol says:

I’d love to watch more makeup videos like these

TaraFYW says:

You look amazing! Great job! 🙂

Elizabeth Martinez says:

do widowmaker

fawn ghoul says:

Ah suzy… You are too cute

aidan leary says:

Remember when during the loot box opening on KKG Suzy said she wanted to cosplay mercy?

TheBlackdragon936 says:

Wow I didn’t know how much make up actually helps you females look so much better. I get why you never leave your house without it. You aren’t the same person without the makeup lol.

aiden ryan says:

dress arin up as mcgree

Kathichaan says:

Awesome video!! I’d love to see even more Overwatch characters from you!
Also even just lying in the background Mochi is too adorable for me

travis gomes says:


Lorenzo Villalobos says:

U did a good job

Ms Mönster says:

Swamp family, where are you?

Ukiyo Games says:

you are so pretty oml

A lesser God says:

You should try the soldier 76 scar makeup!

Brodacious says:

It took a second for me to realize you had foundation on, as your skin had a sort of “very pale” quality. Good job on the cosplay by the way.

Pax Develly says:

ahh this is amazing! i love the videogame makeups <3

a very spooky scary skeleton says:

suzy looks so weird with out make up but she isn’t ugly

maxb0t says:

do bastion hes my child (im kidding ignore me hed be like impossible)

Duskens Donuts says:

Shouldnt this be mortem3r content

Neiiko says:

can you do zarya next

batman_bullet202 says:

Make Arin McCree! that would be hilarious

WipiDiz says:

That’s some good face changing magic right there lol loved the vid

William Smith says:

Suzy do mei

Mister Robotech says:


toxicat taglicht says:

you should do Ana on your next makeup video

Josh says:


gabriella.825 says:

you introduced me to that eyeliner and I couldn’t thank you enough. It’s so awesome

Katie Folk says:

Suzy I love you!!! You’re so cute and you’re talented at makeup. Plus you’re funny as heck! Thanks for spreading your adorableness <3

Lukas says:

suzy always looks sooo good w/ red lipstick it’s a miracle honestly

imr wallbounce says:

can you mary me suzy

Jayshaun Davis says:

Holy shit I didn’t realize how much eye makeup she uses, not saying she looks bad but different without makeup

Tristan says:

never felt the need to comment on one of your videos until I made the awful mistake of deciding to scroll through the comments.
Suzy you are fucking wonderful and who cares what channel you decide to upload videos on? I am only Subbed to this one (no reason, just forget to do it sometimes) and I was sooo insanely pumped to see these videos.
I hope you’re happy and you are the reason why I am trying to be OP af with Reaper instead of only D.Va lol<3

Kat The Ratatat Bat says:

you’re amazing at your makeup, I’m so jealous omg
the tutorial was so good aaa
it made me wanna try makeup actually lmao
you’re so sweet and cute asdfhjh


do tracer next!!!!

Chris Felice says:


Zelda Edits says:

Can you do widow maker next! <3

Karl Cardon says:

do tracer

Aryn BLackND says:

I thought her horns were wrap around, as an opposition to her halo

BossyCross says:

Suzy is so gorgeous

Gaziminator says:

Suzy’s eyes look so tiny and adorable without makeup.

Paigeycorn 23 says:

what is Suzy’s natural eye color? I know she wears contacts a lot but I’m just curious. and where does she get her contacts?

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