I recorded a makeup tutorial and let my husband do the voice over! How do you think he did?
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Billy Dillard says:

“Now she’s just showing off at this point.” XD Arin, your love for your wife is adorable.

Lauren Gold says:

Suzy do you list the products you use anywhere????

Faenaria Nox says:

Don’t use a brush on your nose cause that’ll make you sneeze… LMAO

Ezekiel Shreve says:

human skin is makeup

party poison says:

she looks better without make up

Medusa Draws says:

Is it just me who thinks that Susie looks so adorable and pretty without makeup? I mean, she looks pretty anyway, but…

Erik Westwood says:

“purple goes well with face” -Arin Hanson 2016

Baylee Griffith says:

Whenever I’m having a bad day and need a laugh, I come to this video

calystic says:

video ends at 9:11

“I’m glad i married this woman.”

Birdtendo says:

Arin sounds so fuckin high, his channel was as well.

Tiyana Smith says:

Gahhh, look at Soozy! That’s some tshbdidzusgshj STYLE

Yo-Snap says:

‘the bigger my wings, the higher i’ll fly’

Pokemon Trainer Fish says:

no hate but i think you look 100 times better without make-up.

Furry Lesbian says:


kevvdawg cool dude says:

“and now she’s using… a… straight up sharpie”
I cried

Mordecai Kinsey says:

hopefully this isnt a weird thing to say lol, but Suzy your teeth are so cute!! they look really youthful and cat-like! kind of like Japanese yaeba in a way.

Gamekiller166 says:

Best 9 minutes of my life due to the commentary alone.

Metazare says:

Wanna know how I got these scars?

Camille Wetherell says:

o hshdjd u gotta liKE AND COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE _O_ *_SHIT_*

Lucy Ermilio says:

I love when he kinda understands something because of his art expertise.

Yakarot Sennin says:

New Challenge, take a shot of Vodka everything he says “Uhh”

Elisabeth Hawke says:

It has nothing to do with the video but she has really pretty eyes.

Chania Jordan says:

this was the most entertaining makeup tutorial I’ve ever watched. I think Suzy here is setting an example, all girls should have their clueless boyfriend/ husband/ or male friend narrate their makeup tutorials.

TheIronMuttonchops says:

arin, I… I feel bad ur not mine


“Blowing it a bunch just… activates all the juices”

Catycatkin says:


fishtouch says:

arin you know more about makeup than i ever will

Afu says:

WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING (the narrative part)

JayJu James says:


Nick Martin says:


Melissa Dawn says:

Purple goes well with…face?? XD

bersontheAWESOME says:

“And that will give you a bad time for the rest of the day” lol I’d watch more makeup tutorials if Arin narrated them all

WolfgangLMclain says:

Reminds me of rick and morty improv.

Medoner Dickhead says:

Why can’t all make-up tutorials be like this? (farmers delight omfg)

squishy joon says:

Literally they’re the cutest couple ever I’m obsesseddddddd

Zeynep Yüksel Z.Y. says:


mehpiles456 says:

great FUCKING job arin

EarthToMartin says:

I don’t even care that i don’t wear makeup.
I’m going to practice makeup until I can do eyeliner that easy.

Holy shit.

Dominic Perez says:

how make up can turn ugly women into beautiful scam artists;_)

Yakarot Sennin says:

New Challenge, take a shot of Vodka everything he says “Uhh”

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