We Tried Bargain Vs. High-End Lingerie

“It’s cute, but your girl’s uncomfortable!”

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Danielle Stoots says:

LIVIIIIIIING for those overalls!!!

Tecla Vilona says:

” its turning into a cheese grater” what part of your body would be the cheese..? 0-o

payton mcknight says:

Would have loved to see a plus sized body in this video.

Johana Rav says:

Thats not even high end.

BreeStings says:

I have a crush on Alaina. That is all.

Katelyn Stockdale says:

I wish I fit into lingerie, I’m very unproportionate when it comes to chest size vs body size

Michelle T says:

Who wears sexy lingerie as normal underwear…?

Shahalie Doe says:

You guys should have done it with AE Aerie because those are soft!

CrazedTacoEater852 says:

Girls with really big boobs, small waists. And big butts can’t use anything but high end. I ended up not using anything I got from my bachelorette party because it didn’t fit right. Thankfully I got a gift card for a high end bra shop. And I got a nicely fitting baby doll dress that hugged my rib cage while fitting my blobs properly.

tae bae says:

they should’ve done this without telling them the brands

Emma J says:

The most basic BuzzFeed video ever

fangirlvstheuniverse says:

I am so here for Destinee’s outfit

Caitlin ÜnicornMsp says:

I am sorry to all the 8 year olds watching this video

Alice Kang says:

I love how buzzfeed even is ripping off worth it

hanabananna09 says:

Thistle is not high end. Also if I could get away with buying something from them I would but I can’t cause I have breasts that can’t be tamed. 34 FF all natural and positively hellish. Every thing I buy to keep them in is around 200 bucks and up and my sports bras are 90 and up
Would love to see some stuff for us big busty Ladys.

Serena Potter says:

The black girl is gorgeous

Florinda Lucero says:

How different a story this would be, if any of these women had greater than a DD cup (or B cup let’s be real).

geogiagirl 2085 says:

Your crazy

Miss Prissy says:

Am I the only one who wished at least one of the ladies was bigger than a B cup

lana powers says:

The real issue is trying to find cute lingerie when you actually have boobs

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